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to BAKED by Tattoos in Suburbia!!

First and foremost, our goal is you!! Our intent is to share our baking journey with you. The up and down, and OF COURSE everything in between.

Unfortunately, we do not have a brick and mortar bakery, nor are we nutritionalist.  However, there are a few things we do well. They include: baking, creating healthy treats and investing in the future!

Let’s get down to what this site is all about.

  • BAKING ~ The journey to our bakery.  We are working toward the goal of having our own storefront. Along the way we want to share our creations. Some will thrive, while others sink.  We strive to make our baked goods as healthy as possible, without losing that scrumptios taste. Hopefully along the way, we can share tips and tricks which will improve your families health.


  • HEALTH ~ I admit it. I am a bit of a health nut! Haven’t gone Vegaterian, but I wouldn’t say I’m too far away either. I can tell you this, relearning to cook while thinking outside the box, is not easy!!  My goal is to share the research I obtain through my own struggle for better health. In today’s world, health is NOT a given!


  • BAKERY ~ The ultimate goal! Right now, for reasons beyond our control, opening a bakery just isn’t feesiable.  In the meantime we are are excited to showcase out baked goods at the Harker Heights Farmer Market in Central Texas. As we make progress, we plan to share all our trials and tribulations associated with starting a business!!

Coming Together for a Common Goal

All you need to do is sit back, relax grab your favorite drink and enjoy the entertainment. Together, with my research and experience and your common sense, you can start expanding your knowledge today. Challenge your mind to re-think what you know about food.

I feel extremely blessed to start a blog.  It’s an adventure, and I’m excited to see where it takes me.

My desire is to reach individuls who are looking for cooking or baking tips to improve health. If you care about your health, like we care about our families, a healthier lifestyle isn’t that far away.

Personal Motto: Everything is better when it’s fresh.

Lastly, we are a couple of military spouses. Needless to say, we have a huge heart for our military.

A little bit about me

I started BAKED by Tattoos in Suburbia simply to fulfill my love of writing. I guess it doesn’t matter if I’m really good at it. At this point, for me, it’s about the love of sharing with others.

We continue to explore the world we live in. When it comes to food, not all things are created equal. “Low calorie” foods are usually worse than the original version. As we learn, we’ll share. And hopefully, you will share with us too.

Our passions include: fast cars, baking and helping people succeed. Most importantly, we understand how hard it is to eat healthy in our current environment.

We are a fun loving, albeit sarcastic, mom and daughter duo.  We throughly enjoy meeting people from all walks of life. The world may seem huge, but it’s nice to see how quickly a common ground emerges.

In return, we hope to get to know you.

The blog is updated three times a week. Post are published on Tuesday and Thursday. Sunday mornings are reserved for a weekly round up. A way to recap weekly events around the world.

All notifications are sent out via email.

We would love for you to come back.

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Education: University of Maryland, BS in Finance. Studied Marketing and Public Relations toward a MS degree.

School: Tough (I went when my daughter was 10).  Math and reading are my obsession. I enjoy educating individuals on ways to improve their finances and save money.

Because I love to read, I’m a huge advocate for reading.

Additionally, I have an affinity for expensive art (tattoos), and I’m a proud Army wife.   Lastly, I work for the Department of the Army.

Hobbies: motorcycles, crafting, scrap booking, and being part of an awesome family.

Favorite BAKED by Tattoos in Suburbia Posts

Check out a few of my favorite posts. BAKED by Tattoos in Suburbia is a well-rounded forum. We are open to suggestions and would LOVE to hear from you. Drop us a note and say hello.





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Join BAKED by Tattoos in Suburbia on our journey toward better health!! Keep on coming back, and we’ll keep on having new and exciting updates!

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