Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is very prevalent in my life.  August 2017 will mark the end of Ron’s 22-year career in the Army. Not because of PTSD. Unfortunately, he also has a physical problem with his hip.

Ron deals with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder every day. Has for many years.

Some good, some bad.

The good news, he is finding joy again.  Not entirely. It’s day by day.

Compound issues with his hip makes it hard even when mentally he’s in a good place.

Loving and living through the pain inspired me to dedicate part of my blog to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder  awareness.

There is a stigma attached to mental illness. People do not understand what life is like. People barely get through a regular day, let a lone understand someone else’s trauma.

I must admit, at one point, I was really struggling with life.

I kept thinking how life was before. Dreaming that one day my husband was going to waltz through the door.

In that moment, everything would be perfect. A minor glitch, like he’d been on a road trip.

Slowly, I realized it isn’t going to happen. Not today, tomorrow or ever. But, there is joy in acceptance. It’s freeing.

My husband has so many good qualities. Everyone does. No matter what life looks like now, it doesn’t trump the fact he tries to be the man I married.

It means a lot to me. I know it’s not an easy task.

I still need him.

And The World Needs You

Whether you suffer from PTSD or love someone who does, we need you!!

You have something great to offer the world.

Life is different. That is okay. Sometimes we crawl even after we walk.

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