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 I’m Glad You’re Here

Hopefully you had time to look around and familiarize yourself. I hope you were pleased with what you encountered.

Together discover what makes us great both individually and collectively. I think of a family get together, holiday traditions, or coming together on a Sundays. My family is always surrounded by food and fellowship.

There is something so great about a home cooked snack or meal. If you’re like me, you want a beautiful party , but on a budget.

Breezy is grown and soon I’ll take the title of grandma. I look forward to her passing traditions to her children.  Hopefully we can share with all of you along the way.  While you learn from our family, tell us about yours.

Breezy and I are proud military wives. My husband, Ron is on his was out after nearly 22 years. Breezy’s husband Shayne is just starting.

This is just one reason service members hold a very special place in our heart. Although Breezy and I hold civilian positions on Ft. Hood, we support the U.S. Army on a daily basis.

Tattoos In Suburbia is for you. This blog was created  for inclusion. Our reason to exist is to place light in the life of everyone we encounter.

There is never a reason to display hate toward another individual.  Tattoos in Suburbia’s blog is a fun place to hang out and start constructive dialog with each other. Any vulgar or condescending comments are not welcome. Comments will be deleted.  We look forward to having heartfelt conversations with all of you!!

Anything you would like to see featured?

Is there a story you would like to tell? Recipe to share? Send information via the contact us form. I would love to share a guest spot on my blog with you. And no, you don’t need to be a blogger to do so.

Tattoos In Suburbia looks forward to talking with  everyone who enjoys our blog. Let me know if you have a question or comment.

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