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Foodie. If you enjoy eating as much as I do, this word  defines you.  A description we’ve heard some time in our lives. The word itself  inspires visions of fairs, travel or various places where an abundance of yummy food exist.

I’m a self proclaimed chunky monkey. I love to eat. I live each day at a cross between healthy and  yummy. We only live once.

Food means WAY more than eating simply to get full. It can be comfort food or something you share with family. At times, perhaps both.

Because food is central in our lives it’s  great when we take something ordinary, and turn it into extraordinary.  I’m gluten intolerant. Therefore, I focus quite a bit on getting away from wheat products.

I have noticed less issues with organic.  For the most part, it remains the same. I eat gluten and 10 minutes later I need a nap. If you don’t t have a gluten allergy, there is no reason to add the hardship of baking gluten free.

My biggest asset is that I am a short cut queen.  If there is a way,  I will find it.  Many of my posts are just that. Condensed versions of the original.

I’m figure, we’re all busy. We want to cook and bake for the family, but who has all day? I don’t. That is the beauty of cooking. Adapt and streamline.

Don’t Like it? Change it

I spend a lot of time trying new recipes. Sometimes with success, sometimes without.  I will say, the reason my treats come out good is because I adjust during the process.  If something isn’t looking right, I change it.

Being a lover of education I look forward to baking with my grandkids (which I don’t have yet).  It doesn’t seem like much, but measurements are fractions. It is a great way to teach kids basic math skills.

The truth, it’s so much more than that.  There is pride in knowing you can create something from pile of flour.  The modern world is accustomed to buying products in a near finished form.

Want cake? Buy a box.

Cookies? Buy a package of dough.

This is one way to operate. But, what there is an easier way? Tt will cost you  a little time making meals, but what you save is money.

There is a good chance you have everything you need in your house right now.  Recipes boil down to a few basics: flour, sugar, salt, eggs and baking powder.

Let’s explore food together. What do you love to make? Leave me a comment.

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