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Ever wondered if the service industry still puts the customer first? If corporations still care?

How about employees?

I ponder this question myself. A lot.  Although, I must admit I’m not a believer in the customer is always right. Having said that, there are situations where the customer certainly is.

At these times, I’ve noticed the employee wouldn’t back down.  I wonder, why people can’t or won’t accept when they’re wrong. Doesn’t matter if it’s the customer or employee.

We’ve come to the point no one wants to accept blame.  If this is the truth, what hope of improving our lives? After all, we can only learn by accepting what we do wrong.

It seems, we live in a I’m right, your wrong atmosphere.

One having a negative effect on customer service.  Of course, that is not to say customer service is dead. Quite the contrary. Customer service is alive and well.

I eat out a lot. More than I should.

Sometimes its a great, sometimes its bad. Often at the same restaurant.  To me it boils down to one thing, customer service.

In my opinion, good products don’t trump customer service.  When I go somewhere, I want to feel like family. The one you like, not the one that drop in uninvited.

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