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I am embarrassed to admit, but I will. My mom gave me a doctor’s name about a month ago.  A doctor who knew what it meant to control your eating. To eliminate certain health issues. Simply by eating right!

At the time, I was excited.


Ready to make some changes in my life. I’d had enough. But, isn’t that how we all feel? Ready for the great change in life. The one that will revolutionize our future? I sure was.

While on the phone with my mother we were discussing all the benefits of, you guessed it, proper eating habits.

There are a lot of things I love about my mother, but the thing I love the most, she is a realist.

Sugar coating is only for her grand kids and their poor behavior. The rest of the world is getting the truth!

Anyways! We were discussing Bromelain and the benefits of pain control. My husband has a bad hip which causes severe pain. I’m always looking for ways to circumvent the issue.

Dr. Richard Becker

My mom told me about a doctor she watched on TV and had actually healed himself by eating healthy. You have my attention!

I wrote down the name after asking her three times, then coming to the realization I wouldn’t remember on my own.

The doctor had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma! He has since been healthy for years. Simply by improving what he eat.

She also armed me with a name of a book. Foundations for Healing. She knows me so well.

I’ve yet to read it, but I did order it. I’m excited. Like a little child at Christmas.

According to the site, the book will be here next week!

Healthy Cooking

From the research I conducted, the show is no longer on the air. However, I was intrigued his wife provided healthy cooking skills. Despite the fact the show premiered in 2010, we so need this now!!  I’ve included a link to the TV Guide. There is a list provided of several shows. Some of them great topics.

I thought, what a great way to combine saying we should eat healthy and here is how you can do it.

I did a little digging and found a new show Dr. Becker does on World Harvest TV.  I haven’t watched it, but did include a link below if anyone is interested. I don’t have cable, so I’ll be watching via the computer.

In closing

I also included a link to book reviews. Because I haven’t read it, I certainly do not want to lead you astray. Feel free to look through the reviews and decide for yourself. My only recommendation is that you ensure you order the updated book and not the original.  There probably isn’t anything wrong with the book, but why not be as up-to-date as possible?

I wish you all great health and happiness. Please share ways you have improved your life.


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