Over the weekend Breezy and I tried a new recipe.  I found it on Pinterest from Chelsea’s Messy Apron. A healthy brownie. What is better than that?

The recipe is called,

The Best Healthier Brownies.”

In the past, we’ve made brownies from flour and chocolate powder. Although we didn’t have any experience making brownies from melted chocolate, they turned out delectable.

As you see in my pictures, the texture is a bit different. I’m not 100% sure if the original post photo had frosting.  One thing I will say about mine, and this is the part that made me nervous, the flour.

In my photo you can see little chunks of flour. I kept my oats in the food processor for close to 5 minutes. I certainly believed it was crushed enough. My recommendation would be to use a sugar sift.  That would eliminate any larger pieces from making their way into your treat.

At that point you can either throw out the bigger pieces or put them back into the processor.

She was very specific. Make it resemble flour.

We often use whole wheat flour to create healthier treats, so I didn’t think much of the flour being a little chunky.

However, when it baked it most definitely looked unappealing.

Just like a cake or a cupcake I could have stuck on some frosting and called it a day.

But that wouldn’t be me. I can’t just cover up something I know is wrong.

Even if I did, it wouldn’t fix the texture problem.

There is only so much some frosting or fondant can cover.

Sampling the Finished Product

After a very short cooling time, prior to dinner, I decided I needed to try our finished product.  The brownies looked delightful.

I loved it. Breezy loved it.

My husband…well he spit it into the trash.

Talking about it taste funny.

We start laughing because we were thinking…ugh…it’s vegetarian and gluten-free. It’s really NOT going to taste like a traditional brownie.

No matter what I make. No matter how many times I say, sugar-free, gluten-free, vegetarian it doesn’t register.

To he honest, I’m getting quite humored by the whole situation.

I tried to explain he could adapt. Losing weight doesn’t have to attached to giving up your favorite foods. But do understand, the sugar in them must go!

  • SIDE BAR: Sugar is a bigger cause of heart disease than red meat!

In which case he could still have sweets. He wasn’t having it.

I guess that is the way it goes.  Once your mind thinks of a certain product, a certain way any deviation is strange.

I on the other hand no healthy foods do not taste like fluffy white flour/sugar.

Getting Healthy

The road to health is a long one. In my family we make a slow and permanent change. No needs to feel deprived. Each time we go to the grocery store we try a healthier version of a new product. So far, so good. I’m happy to say, we do not have to give up the joy of an occasional brownie.

Have a good health tip? Hit the comments and share!

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