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It wasn’t but a few short weeks ago that I decided to get my act together and make a real effort to improve my eating habits. The only issue, life has a way of bombarding me. Ultimately, derailing my very best efforts. This time, I’m determined to recover utilizing natural health. The way Mother Nature intended.

I am by no means in “poor” health. But, truth be told I’m not anyone’s vision of excellent health either. The real issue is lack of energy, poor sleeping ability, headaches and gastrointestinal issues.

On a regular day I do not eat candy, soda, excessive fast food or even fried fatty foods. It would appear, according to my diet, I’m pretty darn healthy. Except, that I’m not.

It’s apparent with my symptoms, I have work to do.  I certainly do not need a doctor to tell me things need to change. The fact that I can barely pull myself out of bed is enough.


Learning from Mistakes

It wasn’t but a month ago when I got my act together and got dedicated to ban even the occasional fast food. I cut out soda AND got myself down to one cup of coffee per day.

Those days … are long gone.

I went to the doctor yesterday, who informed me I gained back the 10 pounds I recently lost. Continuing to yo-yo our weight is one of the worst things we can do to ourselves.

So… here I am again. Sitting at the drawing board with a kitchen that demands restocking.

I finally broke down and called my primary care physician for a follow up appointment. One I’ve put off for well over a month.

What can I say?

I felt better. But not anymore.

It’s a confirmation of something I’ve known for a long time. Garbage in, garbage out.

Food devoid of nutrition isn’t going to do anyone any good.

Making a Change to Better Yourself

A Change to Improve Your Health and Outlook on Life

According to research poor eating health effects a lot more than weight, energy and our ability to rest. Researchers have found a poor diet causes wounds to heal slowly. Hair becomes brittle and falls out. And no shock to any of us, compromised immunity.

I’ve included the link below for 9 Ways Your Body Is Trying to Tell You That Your Diet Stinks. Some of the tips provided in the article really hit home. It hurt a little. But it did something much more important. It renewed my need for better health.

Truth be told, I have every symptom on the list. It seems ironic. We create yummy treats that are a bit healthier, some significantly, than a typical baked good. But here I am, neglecting myself. It’s the ultimate paradox. Like being a mother/father we put everyone else first. Meanwhile, here we are snacking on leftovers and wondering why we feel like hell.

Wonder no more!

Taking the First Step

I find this step to be the hardest. It feels something like flipping your life upside down and trying to figure out how to put it back together.

What do I like? What do I want to eat? How do I cook it? Will my family eat it?

Who knows? I’ve used these excuses more than once and the truth is, it’s up to me. It always has been.

Asparagus, Healthy, Delicious, Spagetti, DinnerNo longer can I kid myself into thinking I don’t need to do it if no one else does.

My husband has come around to trying new vegetable based dishes. Some he likes, some not so much. Such is life.

We’ve both agreed on one thing, we need to put our health first.

My recommendation is to Google some recipes. Perhaps you already have a favorite vegetable. Search for new recipes. Discover new ways to cook.  As they say,

variety is the spice of life.”

Once I learn more various ways to make vegetables, I’m sure this project of mine will get easier. One thing I’ve noticed, at least in my personal life, is that we utilize the same way of making vegetables every time.


Tonight, as I grocery shop, it will be a test. Time to put the money where my mouth is.

Changing the Way We Think About Food

Healthy Eating Isn’t Just for Weight Loss

Like most Americans I look at “diets” as a way to lose weight. The very word is defined as what we eat on a regular basis. Meaning, we are ALL on diets. Everyday. Many are just unhealthy diets.

That’s the rub. The small jab that tells us we aren’t doing something right. We’ve been programmed to accept a “diet” and go back to eating crap.  This is a fundamental problem within our society.

If we chose to continue to eat healthy a couple days, weeks, months or years and return to what got us fat, guess what? The weight, fatigue, health issues and disease will work its way into our lives.

There is not a pill on the market that can cure all those symptoms. In fact, a diet pill that will take the weight off while maintaining poor eating habits is a cause for concern in and of itself.

I’m off the soap box. We need to stay on track.

I’ve heard many times people saying they are going to eat the cake, candy, soda or any variety of fried foods because they could die tomorrow. And it’s true. No one is saying never eat these again.

The real issue we all face is a misunderstanding of the term diet.

We either dedicate ourselves to healthy food, which will start the process of better health. Or we don’t. It’s time to understand how we contribute to our own poor health.

Most of us are groggy. Tired. Forgetful. Sick. Unmotivated.

I could go on. But I think you get the picture.

All of those issues can be resolved to a great extent if we put ourselves first. Believe we deserve better. Our kids certainly do.

Finding a Local Farmers Market

I have no idea why this very basic concept didn’t occur to me before. Want organic? Go to the local farmers market.Oranges, Food, Foodie, Healthy

Sure we all know they exist but they aren’t as convenient and it’s easier to just throw the veggies in the cart at the super market. Which I do. Sometimes.

Since I started conducting research I’ve tried oodles of new types of vegetables. Some I liked and some I didn’t. But in doing so I didn’t have to absorb the sticker price at the local grocery. Certainly not a Whole Foods.

I bought the veggies (for reasons I don’t know, ours doesn’t have fruit) at the local farmers market where Breezy and I sell our yummy treats.

I’ve found the cost is about the same. If not less. There is one farmer who has watermelon. Let me tell you that is like eating candy. NOTHING like a store bought watermelon. Those taste like water.

We devoured it.

I can only imagine it looked like a child trying candy for the first time. Perhaps the excitement of a prisoner leaving lockup.

Flavor is one important point of interest. Organic and locally grown fruits and vegetables are packed with flavor.  Don’t settle for store bought foods without flavor. These local markets will make you rethink flavor!

I know… you are probably thinking what is your point? Where were you going with all this?

The point is, these are organic products. They are fresh out of the ground. No GMOs. No growth hormones.

Local farmers use products like Orange Oil to keep bugs and rodents off plants. No toxic chemicals.

If you are unsure how organic the product is, just ask. They would love nothing better than to tell you how it’s grown.

In Conclusion

At the end of the day you may pay more. However, even if you do your health is worth it. You will feel better, look better and be ready to concur the world.  That’s worth cutting a couple lattes out of the monthly budget. Isn’t it?

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9 Ways Your Body Is Trying to Tell You That Your Diet Stinks


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