The most incredible idea came to me the other day.

Out of nowhere!!!

It’s funny the way life works. Once I thought about it, I could hardly comprehend how I hadn’t thought of it sooner.

For years Jell-O shots have been a fan favorite at parties. It’s true, if it isn’t broke don’t fix it.  However, I’m a cutesy person and I like all things party related to be cutesy too!

Mixed drink gummy bears

Sure. Kids will want them and certainly that would have a less than optimal result.  However, I would also point out that Jell-O shots have the same appeal to kids.

I have been on quite a few different blogs and scoured Pinterest looking for ideas for natural, healthy gummy bears. Neither disappointed.

One of the posts I stumbled upon was for red and white wine. I thought…this woman is a genius.

Me not so much. That was several weeks ago and it still hadn’t occrured to me that I could create delicious bears which retained their alcohol and taste like anyone’s favorite mixed drink.

The light comes on

I must admit I didn’t really think of the idea on my own. The light came on while my daughter was on Face Time with her husband.  I heard the word alcohol and my mind was off.

The first batch I decided to make was a Tequila Sunrise. Why? I already had the ingredients. I do have to say, I have several more ideas already.

The truth is, when it comes to baking or creating delicious treats, you are only limited by your imagination! The sky is the limit.

If you don’t like a flavor, use a different one. Sure there are some neuances, but once you get the hang of it, it’s much easier.

Tequila Sunrise Gummy Bears

Here is the newest member of our gummy bear list. Certainly this will NOT be labeled for kids parties.

The gummies are easy.

1. Mix your favorite drink (no ice).

2. Place the mixture in  a sauce pan.

3. Heat using medium heat. Ensure you are constantly stirring. Do not let it boil. – It is important to utilize a candy thermometer. If your liquid raises in temperature above 85 degrees, you will lose the alcohol. If your intent is to mearly make the flavor taste like the drink, forge on and heat away.

Side Note: To remove the effect of the alcohol utilize your candy thermometer to ensure the liquid goes above 85 degrees.

4. IF you want to sweeten the mix you can either add a tablespoon of honey or sugar.

5. Add 3.5 gelatin packets for every cup of liquid. Stir until all gelatin has dissolved.

6.  Place gummy bear molds onto baking sheets. This will provide a sturdy foundation in order to transfer the candy to the refrigerator for cooling. Using an eye dropper (for candy) transfer the liquid into the individual molds.  The candy will start to solidify as you go. However, you will have plenty of time to get the liquid into the molds.


1. Ensure you have everything you need on hand before you start.  The liquid can burn easily and the gelatin sets quickly.

2. I purchased a set of 5 gummy molds from Amazon. The kit I purchased included the liquid dropper. I already had Leggo blocks and action figure molds, along with some Star Wars. Previously I’d used a spoon to fill.

No only is the process of using a spoon a disaster, you end up pulling the liquid from the top.  Your gummy will not taste good if you pour the yucky gunk from the top.  The liquid dropper allows you to pull liquid from the bottom. Crystal clear and yummy as heck!

3. The gummies will set within an hour.  However, it has been my experience the longer they cool the better. I usually leave mine in the fridge overnight.

4. Using silicone molds will allow the gummies to pop right out.

In closing

I’ve never fashioned myself an innovator, but I think taking the kids to the part just got a lot more fun!!

What specialty drink would you like to try?

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