Fruit Cake, Whip Cream, Frosting, WatermelonOh my gosh. Fruit Cake!! What were we thinking?

Perhaps the issue was in the execution.  We found many cakes made of fruit to use as a point of reference. But no, we needed to be different.

Now, before I tell you the tragedy that turned out to be our “cake,” let me just say this – do not let the first time you try something be when it’s for someone else.

Earlier this week I posted about wanting to make a fruit cake for someone at my office who was leaving.  We really did think it would be easy…

Creating the Cake: What Really Happened

First things first. We came up with an idea. Armed with our ruff draft I headed to the store to purchase the fruit and whip cream.

We came up with great idea to frost it with whip cream. It would make it appear like a real cake. It also had the added benefit of being more like a fruit cocktail, which we thought people would enjoy.

I get home and the whip cream was frozen solid.  We did have the foresight to put he cut watermelon in the freezer. My thought was the whip wouldn’t stick if it was “wet.”

Well….lets just say that by the time the whip warmed enough to use, it was watery.  Much like a fast food milkshake which goes from frozen to water. No in between.

Ever optimistic we pull the watermelon from the freezer.

At this point we are fully winging it!! No questions asked. It had already hit,

lets see what happens!!”

Step One: Get the “Frosting” on the Cake

Easier said than done.

I really have no words for our ill fated attempt at frosting this mess.

Admittedly, we rationed that since the watermelon was frozen, the whip would partially cool when applied.

Nothing could be farther from the truth!!  This my friends was a disaster.

I’m laughing as I write this, but I really told Breezy,

Try to put more “frosting” on it. Perhaps it’s not thick enough?!?!”

I know. It’s a long shot. A desperate plea to get our little mess into something presentable.

We take a look at it and the whip is melting off the sides. The fact the watermelon was frozen didn’t matter.

So we put the whole thing into the freezer. We thought, cool the whip and it will become solid again.

It did…but only after a bunch of it slid down the sides.

Frosting Disaster – No way to Recover

I let it cool and place the remaining whip in the freeze to cool it back down.

Sure it worked. They both froze solid!

By now I’m done. I get my phone and take a picture.  100% ashamed of the mess we’ve created.

I look at the two tier mess and wonder, if I cover it will fruit as I intended, would it look okay?

Immediately I think, there isn’t enough fruit to cover this!!! Just as quick my common sense tells me, even if it looks okay, when it’s pulled out at the potluck it’s going to melt.  In which case, it’s going to be an embarrassing blob on the table.

Trust us, we know what we are doing. LOL

I don’t need that kind of publicity.

Answering the Call to Help

The plan was to finish the “cake” when I got home from a dinner function with my husbands work.  We had a good time, but it ran 30 minutes over. Here I am exhausted. Counting the minutes until bed.

Then my phone rings. A friend who doesn’t call much. Most the time we text each other. My curiosity is peaked so I answer the phone.

Yada yada…I love you my car broke down. My mind is reeling. I NEED sleep. I put her on intercom and ask where she is. Lucky us, we are in the car already headed home.

She tells me that she 25 miles away. So we tell her we will do the right thing and pick them up. She says, thanks. I say, no problem.

As I hang up I look at my husband and say, she is cutting into my nap time!

Of Course I’m Going to Help

All in good fun. We are happy to help. If I was stuck I would want her to come too. No problem.

The point is, when I finally arrived at home at 10PM, knowing I HAD to get up at 5 for work, the cake just wasn’t going to make it.

Right there in my kitchen at 10 at night I decided I would get up and cut up some fresh fruit to take.

This picture is what happened as a result of the “decoration” fruit we intended to putting on the cake.

In Conclusion

Our failure looked like vivid success. No one at my office realized the fruit was meant to be anything other than what it was. Only Breezy and I knew we had set our sights on the moon, but caught a star during the fall.

I guess the lesson is do the best you can. It may not turn out the way it was invisioned. The truth is, it doesn’t matter. Someone else will still think the sun shines from your tush!

So give it a try. Forget what holds you back. Try. If you fail, who cares. Everyone fails.

Every form of artistry can use the analogy of a singer. They get on the stage week after week. Sometimes singing to an empty bar. In order to get better, to perfect thier talent they have to practice.

And practice.

And practice some more.

So that is what we are going to do.

What type of cooking/baking mishaps have you had?

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