Last week I posted a bit of information I found in reference to coconut oil. Much like anyone else, if I’m going to be healthy, then I’m going to do it right.

The information I stumbled upon threw me for a loop.  Not only had I found and article that indicated coconut oil was bad for you, but I had already told my whole family they should use coconut oil.

It’s like the egg. Yoke good. Yoke bad. My mistake, yoke good.


Sometimes it’s so chaotic it seems impossible to know what is good and what is bad.

Fret not, I did more research. But no surprise, experts have varying ideas.

Background on Coconut Oil

If you missed the article last week, it indicated we should stop using coconut oil. The article stated coconut oil increases heart attack risk. I was stunned to say the least.

Luckily we have a wonderful devise that knows everything called the internet. So I sad down this morning to find some answers.

The Truth About Coconut Oil

I believe the most important information I uncovered was a term we are all familiar with: organic. According to the research the key to good health and enjoying the benefits of coconut oil is buying virgin organic oil.

Purchasing refined oil loses all its value.  It takes away the parts of the oil which included almost limitless benefits.

I’ve included the link below for Authority Nutrition. The sites includes many, many benefits. Included was alzheimer and seizure improvement. Weight loss. Without changing eating habits or exercising. That is impressive!

Additional benefits included reduction in appetite, hair and skin care as well as killing microorganism.

Coconut oil contains lauric acid. When broken down it forms a substance called monolaurin. The substance has been known to kill Staphyloccus and yeast infection.

What is Staphyloccus

Staphyloccus is a bacteria. Aproxamently 30% of people carry it in their nose.  Staphyloccus can cause a myriad of illnesses. Some of which are pneumonia, food poisoning and endocarditis. More common illnesses include, eye infection, sore throat and cold.

The research does not indicate that it cures or makes someone immune  from any one type of Staphyloccus. However, what the research does tell us is that maintaining high levels of monolaurin gives you a boost in health.

Much like taking a vitamin, it protects us against illness.

Negative Association 

Research indicating coconut oil is not as safe as once thought has one flaw. LDL. The original article I read stated high levels of LDL COULD increase heart attack.

Additional studies have cited the high levels of saturated fat. One important point of interest, coconut oil doesn’t contain the same type of saturated fat.

Therefore the two can not be compared side by side.  Saturated fat in cheese and meat doesn’t contain a health benefit.

Therefore, the term “saturated fat” must be looked at differently. In fact, many studies have shown no link between saturated fat and heart disease at all.

Most saturated fats are made up of Large Chain Triglycerides (LCT). However, coconut oil is made up of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), which made the fatty acids shorter.

Because the triglycerides are of medium length, they are processed differently. They actually go from the digestive track to the liver.  By utilizing this process the fat is made into ketones. These keystones are what have a therapeutic effect on our system.

Additionally, the fats in coconut oil help to reduce the “bad” fats in our system. Which…sounds good to me.

In Conclusion

Ultimately, we need to choose what we eat, how much and when.  Decisions like these are not always easy. Especially when we depend on “experts” to tell us what the scientific findings are. Believe me, that is not an easy task.

More times than not I find an alternative product, say butter, cooking fat or vegetable oil are the ones publishing the negative findings.  Hopefully they are not being bias. Perhaps they are.

Because we can never know someone’s true intentions, we have to conduct research of our own. A way to hear both sides and decide for ourselves and our families what is best.

I provided both sides, albeit short condense versions. Hopefully you will go forward and continue to research better health. It’s a magnificent thing to realize the way we eat can stop a huge amount of diseases! Including some cancers.

The fact we can choose to cook in coconut oil instead of Crisco. That one change that can significantly improve the health of everyone in our family. More importantly our own health. We can’t help them if we are too sick ourselves.

Are you for or against coconut oil?

Please share!!

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