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Every one of us has a guilty pleasure.  Mine is something salty. Typically, I do not buy potato chips.  But once I get that need for salt, and start feeling like dumping it straight into my mouth, I buy some. Since this salty delights are certainly not healthy, it made me think of other foods we should never eat.

While chip often satisfies my taste for salt, my tummy is not a fan. All that grease makes my stomach hurt.

I guess I should have just dumped the salt in my mouth.

Regardless, the list below is one that we should all make our best effort to avoid.

Foods and Food Habits to Avoid

1.       The Amount We Eat – According to Web M.D. America’s biggest problem isn’t one food. The real culprit is the amount of that food a person ingests at one time. Over eating any food, even salad has adverse effects on us.

2.       Soda – Whether you call it soda or pop, it must go!! I recently read an article which indicated not only is soda sugary, the chemicals in it change the way your body processes food. Of course this does include diet soda, which ironically enough, is actually worse. The sweeteners used to replace sugar can cause cancer as well as cause your body to retain fat. Lastly, the carbon increases the effects of heartburn.

3.       Artificial Sweeteners – It warrants its own category due to the amount of problems it causes your body. In the simplest terms, sweetener is a chemical. Completely man made, with little exception. When consumed, the chemicals are too much for your body to handle. As the body works feverishly to eliminate the toxin, it has little to no time to burn fat. Kick the chemical and give yourself a fat burning boost.

4.       Eating Too Fast – Sometimes in life we simply cannot avoid shoveling it in as fast as possible. However, if eating really fast is your natural way to consume a meal, you need to rethink your approach.  The effects of eating fast is twofold. First, without properly chewing food, it’s harder to digest. Resulting in increased time in your digestive track. I.e. more fattening. Second, more food is being consumed. It takes 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain you’re full. Guess what, more fattening. Why? Because you continuously overeat without thinking about it.

5.       Whole Wheat Bread – Sound shocking? I’m not surprised. The important factor to remember is that ALL processed, pre-packaged foods contain processed flour. Not bleached flour, but it’s processed none the less. If you simply cannot kick the need for bread, buy organic or hit a health food store. Either way, if you make it yourself you can cut out all of the added chemicals.

6.       Fake Butters – Chemicals. Fake butter is just as the label suggest. A fake product. Think about that for a moment. When you eat it, what natural food would we deduce it’s being made from? Everything in it is toxic. You are probably wondering, what is the alternative? I’m glad you asked. Buy raw and make sure it is organic and non-pasteurized!

7.       Yogurt – A wolf in sheep’s clothing! While yogurt does contain probiotics, it must be said these little treats are ladled with sugar. Many containing high fructose corn syrup, which is really bad. Again, a man made product. The bottom line is that if you eat healthy, you will have a healthy digestive system, eliminating the need for probiotics for most. The fact is, eating greasy, fatty and sugary foods kills the natural enzymes in our digestive track. If you truly MUST have yogurt, stay away from flavored varieties. Cut up fresh fruit yourself. Otherwise, you are packing on the calories and likely not getting full.

8.       Canned Foods – This issue is also twofold. One, the aluminum from the can actually leaks into the food and has been known to cause high levels in people. Sure, you have to eat a lot to really elevate the aluminum, but the point is that it gets into the food. The second, or rather more important issue is the high level of sodium and preservatives. Many canned soups contain more salt than the average daily recommendation. Additionally, serving sizes are small and therefore you are likely eating more than one serving.

9.       Low-Calorie Snacks – Many times these items are exactly as the original, just smaller. Sure they package it so you get 100 calories, but that never fills anyone up. While packaged as a healthy alternative, the only real benefit comes from eating less. Some varieties substitute sugar with high fructose corn syrup, and we already know where that is headed. Sugar is bad, sweeteners and corn syrup, worse.

10.   Microwave Popcorn – This seemingly small indulgence actually has horrifying results. Extremely harsh chemicals are utilized on the inside of the bag. Many of which has been linked to cancer!! The real issue is the fake butter. Chemicals. These chemicals are manmade and have devastating results. Test have proven when inhaled in large quantities can result it can cause lung cancer.

In Conclusion

Whatever your choice regarding your health is, it’s yours. Only you can decide what works and feels best. It takes a great deal of commitment in order to change crappy eating habits into healthy ones. It is, in my opinion, the very reason so many people can’t keep weight off.

Initially, we cut out everything we know to be bad. Then lose the weight. However,  we go right back to eating all the terrible foods and wonder why the weight comes back.

Nearly every store bought product is made with sugar. Ketchup? Yes. Mayo? Yes. BBQ Sauce? Yes.

These are but a few products we all love so much. That’s why, the healthy road is an uphill battle.

Don’t get discouraged and think you will never have another yummy snack.

Think moderation. In small doses you can have anything.

Continue along you journey toward better health as fast, or slow as necessary. The important thing right now is that you are educating yourself.  The next time you need butter, buy a healthy version.  Trust me, I am NOT one to throw away anything that is still good.

Doing so could also be very spendy and I’m all for saving money!

Comment and share a tip for staying healthy!

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