It’s amazing how a vacation can do wonders to make your heart, mind and soul healthy.

Last week I was on a one week stay-cation and I have to admit, I don’t know why I haven’t been doing that all along.

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Not only did staying home not cost me anything, I was actually able to rest.

Amongst my rest and recuperation I realized a few things about myself and my family.  Not only do I want to be healthy, I want them to be healthy too.

Finding what Works For You

As a reflection of my revelation in health I started watching more TV shows related to healthful food items.

I read a statistic that stated in the 60s American’s spent 18% of their income on food.  At that time, all grocery stores would have been considered a Whole Foods store.  Today American’s spend 9-12% on food.

Two things come to mind. First the percentage of income is lower AND the quality of food is lower.

Percentage of Income

First and foremost, American’s spend far less than our parents did. Trust me. I feel the pain at the grocery store. If I had to guess I would say my husband and myself spend about 8% of our income on food.

Personally, I think American’s have lowered what they spend on food because junky food simply costs less. When I buy truly healthy, non-processed foods my cart is bare.  But when I buy junk the cart is abounding in items. Both net about the same payment at the cash register.

I will come back to it, but what I want to point out is, this is costing us our health.

Quality of Food

The first thing you simply MUST understand is that all processed sugar contains white sugar!! There are no two ways about it.

To really bring this to light, think about a diet and eating a salad. If you have any type of cream dressing you are eating sugar and possibly fructose, which is also bad.

Another item to note is the quality of processed foods.  There are a lot of fillers such as flour. Flour is carb, carb is fattening.  You can see how all of the foods we are currently accustomed to are ruining our waistlines and taking our health with it.

Horrifying Results of Processed Foods

The Netflix show I referenced in last weeks article, What’s With Wheat?, makes a profound point.  Nearly every disease there is today is man-made. The list ranges from cancer to ADHD.  Cancer may surprise you, but ADHD shouldn’t.

Think about the amount of sugar in cereal. Milk has added sugar and fructose (depending on the brand). If a child goes to school jacked up on sugar, they will be hyper. That’s reality.

The above mentioned movie addresses this specific issue stating, wheat farmers strayed American’s from the balanced breakfast. Why? Because they wanted to sell more wheat.

The majority of cereals contain as many calories as a child should have in a full day, let alone one meal.

What About Life?

I know. Life is busy, hard and all-consuming.

The best I can offer from my experience is that once you eat better you feel better. You will have more energy at the end of the day and that will allow you more energy for your children.

In the bast few weeks I’ve had better sleep than I have in years!!

In Closing

Think about your life goals. The very thing that got me started was an office visit to a Cardiologist, who readily said he would refer me to a gastrointestinal doctor because I likely couldn’t process most processed foods.

Talk about an eye opener!

I haven’t had that appointment yet, but I did listen to the Cardio guy. I watched what I ate and the majority of my symptoms have already gone away.Oranges, Food, Foodie, Healthy

It all makes me very happy because I DO NOT like taking pills. I will do nearly anything to avoid pills.

Plus if you keep the same habits, the pills can’t really help. They just mask the symptoms.


Have burning question you would like answered, just let me know!! I am at your service!

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