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Baking has always been easy for me. So imagine my unease when trying to conquer macrons and gluten-free baking.

Baking is not easy. In fact, the only reason it’s been easy for me all these years is because I bake pretty standard items. For example, I’ve never used basil, meat or saffron before.

My mother taught me to bake when I was very small. I simply grew up in the kitchen with her. As did my co-baker and daughter Breezy.

But now that I’m trying something outside of my wheelhouse, it’s getting a bit harder.

Just the other day I tried making gluten-free bread for the first time. I have to say, I don’t know what I did wrong. It’s mushy and some of it didn’t bake all the way.

Back to the drawing board.

The importance of gluten-free baking

As I mentioned in my previous post, gluten-free baking is very important, especially for me.

I have one of the worst gluten reactions. Within minutes I’m yawning, sleepy, joints hurt and my stomach. Oh, my stomach.  Immediate cramps.

This week I’m on vacation from my “day job” and decided it would be a good time to do something for myself and my bakery.

I haven’t eaten any gluten this week and I feel great!! To be 100% honest it could also be, in part, to the fact I’m walking around the house vice being chained to a desk.

Hands kneading bread dough

After watching,  “What’s With Wheat” on Netflix the other day I can’t get this one statement out of my head:

If you’re not gluten intolerant now, you will be.”

Meaning, those who are okay eating gluten soon will not be. This was a HUGE revelation. Previously I’ve only heard doctors say eating gluten-free is a waste of time if you do not have an allergy.

As the show explains, gluten cannot be processed by our body. In fact, 100 years ago wheat didn’t contain gluten.  It is in fact a product of genetic modification.

The real issue, all our foods are inundated with wheat.

Learning to bake gluten-free

If you are new to my blog you likely do not know that I suffer from anxiety.  While gluten doesn’t cause anxiety, nor will it cure it, I did realize something very important. Eliminating it from my diet will help.

My rationale is that if makes me feel so bad.  I can at least eliminate all the symptoms I listed above.  That alone will help me live a better life.  When my anxiety really takes hold I feel like I have weights on my arms and legs. Every step requires a huge amount of effort.

So imagine what the elimination of one ingredient can do for my health.

Even so, I have my work cut out for me. As I mentioned, my first loaf didn’t work out so great. But that’s okay. I’ll salvage what I can and throw the rest into the garbage.

Closing thoughts

If you are new to healthy baking, or baking in general hang in there. You will get it!! I know it for sure.


What is your favorite thing to bake?

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