It’s been a while since I’ve made a posting.  Unfortunately life has a way of getting in the way. However, the idea of gluten-free baking has caught my attention.

The truth is, life is messy. It gets stressful and overwhelming pretty easy.

At that point, I chose to retreat into my guilty pleasure. Baking.

This past weekend my daughter and I had our booth at the local Farmers Market in Harker Heights, TX.  We did great.  It’s really fun to see peoples reaction when they taste our treats.

For the second time in a row, we sold out. It makes everything worth it.

My mind keeps going back to a specific saying I heard. Unfortunately I don’t remember exactly who said it, but it goes:

Find something you love and you will never work a day in your life.”

That explains exactly how I feel about baking. It can be stressful when a couple of different recipes are going at the same time, but there is a sense of pleasure from creating something out of nothing.

Working to be a Healthy Baker

It brings me to the reason I wanted to do this posting.  The need to create healthier options.  Which, in the baking world can be an oxymoron.

At this point, we really haven’t gotten a lot of requests for healthy items.  A couple for gluten-free and sugar free, but not enough to really curtail all of the recipes.

One thing I do really enjoy, watching shows about our food sources and the correlation of sickness and disease that goes a long with it.

Well, this past weekend  I watched a great show about wheat. Or, should I say, modern wheat.

Life the majority of the foods we consume, it has almost no relation to the original plant. Wheat is no different.

Many years ago, wheat was genetically modified to be shorter and hold more wheat. Of course, this wasn’t without effects on the wheat and nutrition content of the product.

We already use farm fresh eggs in all our products, but there needs to be more.

Creating a Healthy Guilty Pleasure

You see, I don’t want to just bake treats people love. I want them to be healthier than most.  After all, we are well aware of the effects sugar is having on us.

Needless to say, the  show about wheat has inspired me to bake the majority of our items gluten free. Personally, I have a gluten allergy.  When I eat it, I get a stomach ache and start falling asleep within 10 minutes.

While in the past I’ve always known I needed to stay away from gluten. But, I’ve always read people who do not have adverse effects needn’t bother. According to the experts on the show I watched, eventually we will all have these gluten related issues. It simply takes more time for some.

For me, I also have immediate joint pain. It made me wonder,

How many people have similar reactions and don’t really know why?”

Therefore, because I have anxiety I want to see a change in the baking industry. I have mounds of anxiety over eating sugary, wheat items.

I can’t be the only one.

I look forward to sharing my discoveries will all of you.

My first, Red Hill Almond Flour is gluten-free.  That means, our Macrons are gluten-free.


Have you ever considered the connection of health and what you are eating?

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