Here we are, another Sunday morning to go over the weeks events. Hopefully your week was as successful as mine.

From a personal standpoint, I’ve been struggling. I’m sick again. At this point I’m hoping it’s not Pnemonia again.

My husband and I finished the week MotoGP in Austin, TX at Circut of the America’s. We’ve been once before and it’s was really fun. Albiet a toture in temperature levels.

Going to the races is great therapy for my husband. A way to forget life and it’s responsibilities. This weekend is for relaxing.  Forget the bills. Forget work. And most of all, forget stress.

Unfortunately, it will be there waiting when we get home tonight. Waiting like a house guest you can’t get rid of.

That’s okay. A get-a-way, no matter how small, is still refreshing.

Tattoos in Suburbia News

If the hustle bustle of the week robbed you of your reading time, I posted one article.

ATTACH ANXIETY: 5 WAYS TO MINIMIZE PTSD ~ Easy to use techniques to help understand and deal with PTSD and anxiety overall.

One page on Tattoos in Suburbia was updated:

ANXIETY ~ ATTACKING ANXIETY ONE DAY AT A TIME ~ Landing page for anxiety information.  Updated to better illustrate the intention of the page.

News in the world

10 Things We Didn’t Know Last Week ~ Quick bullet style site. The title explains the rest.

Muskogee Municipal Judge Arrested Last Week Found Dead ~ Oklahoma Judge charged with domestic violence kills himself within a week.

Inside HGTV Nightmare, Joanna Gaines, Their Top Host of Fixer Upper Leaves Show To Start A Cosmetic Line ~ This article took  a turn I didn’t expect.  The headline makes it shound like a bashing. However, it’s actually a kudos story of epic proportions.

5 important stories you may have missed during last week’s news deluge ~ A bit of a long read, but I’ve broken down 5 story included in the posting.

  • Worst fighting in years flares up in Ukraine
  • An inquiry into child abuse allegations in Australia’s Catholic Church leads to “tragic” statistics
  • The world’s most endangered marine mammal is going extinct
  • Taiwan one step closer to legalizing same-sex marriage
  • FCC’s latest move complicates efforts to lessen the digital divide

That wraps another Sunday morning in suburbia. I hope you enjoyed our time together as much as I did.

Cheers, to a great upcoming week.


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