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Sunday morning is here again. I can hardly beleive it. It seems half the week has escaped me.

My hope is everyone got a few thing accomplished, a little time to yourself and noticed the beauty in the world.

I’m learning. Slowing down is hard. Especially in a busy, busy world.

It certainly was a doozie if you watched the media.  The most memorable thing in the news this week, for me, was the United Airlines passenger pulled off the plane.

Only to be outdone by the many meme makers.

It amazes me how fast people come up with jokes associated with current events.

I’m just not that funny.

I mean, I think I’m funny but apparently not instant gratification funny.

In case you missed it, I posted two new posts this week.

5 Things Everyone Should Know About  Refinancing A Vehicle

Refinancing a vehicle can save money.  However, before you start ensure you will save money. A good rule of thumb, if your loan is 6% or below, you will not save refinancing.

Warning: Person in Mirror is Crazier Than They Appear

A personal story. My struggle with anxiety.

Life is hard for all of us. I hope sharing my story helps anyone who feels alone. It’s the hardest part of having anxiety. Feeling different from everyone else, makes me feel more alone.

As of recent years, the news has been very eventful. Fifteen years ago, I was a flight attendant, I was intrigued by the United Airlines incident.

United CEO says airline takes full responsibility for man being pulled off plane.

Early this week a United Airlines passenger was pulled from an overbooked flight. Unwilling to leave once boarded, the man was pulled from the aircraft via sky marshals.

North Korea’s display of new missiles is worrying, analysts say.

Kim Jong Un had a birthday celebrating in a way only N. Korea can. Unlike something you might see in America, N. Korea paraded around nuclear weapons to show him just how powerful N. Korea is.

Celebrity Portraits with a Twist

A comical photo journal of one photographers take on potographing celebrities.

Hopefully you enjoyed our Sunday morning get together.

Another work week awaits, so kick back and have another cup of coffee. Put the day off for as long as possible. Because before you know it, the rat race will be back.

L’hitraot (See you later),


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