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Sunday mornings are one of the best times to grab a cup of coffee and delay getting started on the ever growing to-do list.  The quietness before the family wakes up, is one of my favorite times to recap the weeks events. I love reading. It is very relaxing and above all, it’s a mini escape.  I time when I can jump into another world and get lost in the fantasy,

Another week has pasted with a blink of an eye.  It’s hard to believe how fast time is moving.  Because we all have competing priorities that rob us of our favorite things, a quick recap is a wonderful way to catch up on what we’ve missed.

This Weeks Posts

In case you missed it, I posted two articles this week.

Life Change: Staying Positive in a World Drawn to Negativity

American Dream: Reality of Building a Bakery Business

Updated Post

Additionally, I updated one past article on auto insurance.

How to Obtain an Affordable Auto Loan and Save You Thousands of Dollars

Happenings Around the World

The news has been crazy. I don’t have cable and even I’ve heard about the bombings in Syria.  That is the beauty of the internet. If we look, we can find anything.

A Syrian refugee, speaks out about the recent bombing.  His desire, to return to Syria when the civil war is over. Watch it here!

Science Daily posted a wonderful article on PTSD and how it alters hormonal response.

Baking Business posted an article savory snacks.  In fact, a change from sweet to savory.  It’s very business oriented, but a good read just the same.

L’hitraot (See you soon),


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