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Reading other bloggers blogs is something I do.

Why? Life is difficult. I’m by no means an expert. More notably, I need assistance like anyone else.

Reading is my escape from reality.

Conceivably, the million tasks on my to-do list, the ones tormenting me, is not enough to motivate me.  I procrastinate.

While doing so I fell upon Your Life Going on Without You by Leslie Ralph. Her methodology on this article is astounding. It created a philosophical sense of connection with me.

I was drawn in by her initial sentences.  I had to see where it was going. The entire time I felt like she was chronicling my life. Give it a read. It’s a pleasing article that literally EVERYONE can connect to.

It reminded me of my own life. The one I love to hate.

So, I have this obnoxious disease everyone loathes. A disease I call Pollyanna syndrome. In case you haven’t seen the movie, she is glad about literally everything.

Needless to say, I’m a cup half full kind of girl.

Nevertheless, reading her article reminded me of one significant fact, Pollyanna gets fatigued too!

The work day begins!

My stalker alarm clock is set for 5AM. That provides one hour to be presentable and head to work.

In mornings past I would turn it off and say thank you Lord for waking me up. Not so much as of late. These days it’s a grumble, snatch the phone and hit snooze.

I under no circumstances fall back to sleep. I’m not even sure why I’m tormenting myself.  Morning after morning it’s the same song and dance.

By the time I get to the office I’m wide-awake and prepared to rock and roll.  For me, this is where the real opposition hits.

Day after day without fail my co-workers arrive. Without delay, it’s rumble grumble.  First thing in the morning. Pollyanna here makes comments like,

 Some people don’t have jobs. The guy at Wal-Mart would love your job.”

At this point, I think someone may chuck a book at me.

Being a glass half full… Pollyanna… only see the magnificence in a thunderstorm kind of person, I’m delighted for my job. Sheltered in the knowledge I won’t get fired…ever! Unless I have an authentic Falling Down (movie) moment.

Change is inevitable

Circumstances change. Life itself changes. The only thing that stays the same…the knowledge that NOTHING stays the same. Or, nothing else at least. LOL

We’ve become a society of complainers. Slacktivism to be precise.

Day-to-day routine: Get on Facebook. Scroll through until we are assaulted by our very own news feed. Get outraged. Distribute the commentary, without verifying the source.

Why? Because everyone under the sun should know what is going on. Complain about it ALL day torturing co-workers and do zilch to actually change things.

Rinse repeat.

This is my life. Work has turned into Groundhogs Day. I’ve taken the frame of mind,

what kind of fresh hell will I be forced into hearing today?”

Nonetheless I smile. Say something cheery and walk away thinking, see you tomorrow for the exact same conversation.

My coworkers think I’m ridiculous by the way. They keep saying,

no one can possibly be this happy all the time.”

The truth is, I’m not.

I get upset. I have problems.

The difference is, I’m not taking my life into work. True to the core, I am a separation of work/life kind of person.

Resist Taking Work Home

I will not take work home. That is #1. Undisputable.  It will hurt me in the “promotion” department. I don’t care. My family means too much to me. I refuse to send the message, work comes first.

As a result, I work hard while at work, leaving little to no time for gossip or self-loathing. I come to work, give 100% and when the clock strikes 4, I’m out.

Avoid Spending the Evening Talking Work

To diminish anxiety and work related stress, we have a rule in my house. Work matters are 10 MAYBE 15 minutes of discussion. We exchange a few words about our day, then its family time.

Fight like hades to not let work obliterate your happiness at home.

My husband teaches Resiliency for the Army. As he continuously says,

don’t let that person in bed with you at night.”

Don’t lose sleep thinking about someone who doesn’t matter in the big picture. Under no circumstances give someone that power over you.

Life gets us all down in the dumps. Work is stressful. Life. Bills. Kids. Spouses. The list doesn’t end.

My recommendation, take what you can in stride. Ask yourself, is this within my control? If the answer is no, let go of it. Don’t exhaust yourself with stress and anxiety. You can’t change it.

Again, I’m a Pollyanna silver lining person.  I take negativity and use it for motivation.

When something crappy happens in my life, I use it as inspiration to keep going. I remind myself that it isn’t for me. It’s not what I need. A little self-reflection on my goals and priorities and I’m back to it.

I can’t lie to you. It is very hard. I’ve been practicing for years.

Keep going. When you feel unconstructiveness tiptoe in, kick it out like foul-smelling fish. Instantaneously say something encouraging to yourself.

Know you are destined for greatness.

Frustration. Anger. Anxiety. PTSD. Whatever it is. It’s just one part of you.

Let your magnificence shine! Let your light shine so you can shine upon someone else.

No one gets where they are without help. EVERYONE needs help. Everyone!!

L’hitraot (See you soon),


PS. What stress diminishing methods do you make use of?

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