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Our first official event

Over the years I’ve found pleasure baking for friends and family.

The majority for holidays and work functions. Dreaming of the day my life would change.

On that day, I would have the American Dream.  But it never came.

I finally accepted I was unfulfilled in my current position. That meant one thing: change!

And change, I did.

Breezy and I decided to test our creations at the local farmers market in Harker Heights.  Our first step toward the dream.

Over the years we baked, but never charged.  We got such wholesome feedback, we simply ran out of excuses.  I finally decided to jump in with both feet and we joined the farmers market.

Ready. Set. Run.

Not exactly the dream, but a step in the right direction. Unquestionably, we knew it wouldn’t be easy. 

Nothing meaningful is.  However, I didn’t fully recognize what we were getting into.

Lasst weekend we volunteered our time and treats at A Ride for a Child in Temple, Texas. The event raised funding for children in Temple who are victims of child abuse.

It was a great deal of work, but worth every minute.

The two of us had a magnificent time.  We remained there for hours.  Like a pair of Keebler elves occupied in the bakery.

We di not expecting to make anything. That is what volunteering is about. Someone at the Harley dealership, where the event was located, communicated to us that we should put out a donation dish.  So we did.

In retrospect I’m glad. We finished up raising over $100 for the children.

Thank Heaven for Awesome Hubbies!!

I must confess, I’m glad our hubbies were there.  Transporting 40 pound weights to hold the tent exerted more energy than anticipated. 

Nonetheless, as soon as everything was up, it was undeniably delightful.  I was so full of pride for our accomplishment.  

Our tiny slice of the dream. A step. The first sign we were moving forward.

Without a doubt, we had a great time intermingling with all of the delightful motorcyclists who turned out for the event.

When all was said and done, we received a lot of pleasing feedback.

I can’t speak for Breezy, but I absolutely valued it.  It makes the hard work worth it. 

UPDATE: I’m submited our application to the farmers market and I’m happy to say we were accepted. 

Despite the market being on the weekends, is an enormous responsibility.  BUT, when one of the vendors told us they get over 500 visitors per day, our eyes nearly pooped out!!

Sure, it’s about 5X more than we expected. We are determined to rise to the challenge.

Seeing the client’s expression, one that says what they are eating is marvelous, makes it all worth it.

Check out our photos from the event on Flickr.

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What dreams are you working toward?

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