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New Life: Why I Finally Decided to Become a Blogger

…to connect with all of you!

Ever start something without giving much thought as to why? All you do know is you wanted to do it. Never  giving much thought as to why. When I realized I wanted to be a blogger, I just did it. I knew one thing, I wanted to be a writer.

However, since January, I’ve realized quite a few things.  The main reason is to reach out to people.  At first glance it’s hard to see what we can offer the world. Once I took a closer look, I found a few things others could benefit from. They include finance, baking, anxiety and family fun. An imbalance in any area can throw the other categories into disarray.

Evolution of a Blogger

For that reason, the blog continues to evolve. Therefore, I want my approach to be a full spectrum of topics. My desire is to share the extent of my knowledge with people. I’ve found, in this short time, the easiest things to share are those that seem obvious to us.  Others struggle with the same information.

I needed help from others. Quite honestly, more than I thought I had the ability to help others.  However, while I searched online to find solutions to issues in my own life, I realized I could in return, help someone else.

The truth is, I’ve wanted to be a writer for a long time. I just didn’t know how. The first step for me, say it out loud. Make it real. I have an idea for kids books. When I told Ron he really liked the idea. But then he thinks the sun shines from my tush, so I wasn’t convinced.

Finding Inspiration

I was inspired to start blogging by my son-in-law who, while stationed in Afghanistan, was working on his dreams. I thought, why aren’t I? He has a huge obsticale being so far away. He’s trying. What is my excuse?

That is when I told my daughter about the book idea.  She thought it was awesome. Immediately I decided I wanted to improve my skills by blogging.  Why? Because if I didn’t now, I never would.  I’d already put it off for years.

Here I was, sitting and waiting. Wondering. When will it be my turn? I figured out, no one was standing around waiting to invite me into the world of writing. Why would they? I hadn’t written anything.

This time, I wasn’t letting myself off the hook. I have ideas I want to share with the world. I had revelation. I needed to start. If I didn’t I would never be a writer.

Most people seek fame and fortune. I have books I want published, but more so I want to reach people. In being a blogger I want to know what I do matters. Touching a few, to me, is better than money.

Breaking Down Complex Issues

I want to take complex processes like finance or anxiety and break them down into manageable pieces.  Small easy portions to digest. For me, that is what a blogger is about.  Being a big Lego fan, a good analogy would be picking up a brick. One simple brick, except it belongs to the Death Star.

At first glance, the Death Star seems unmanageable.  How could I put that together? It’s too complicated.  BUT upon further inspection, it’s a few bricks. Piece by piece. Step by step. One brick becomes two. On and on until a few blocks become a wall. A wall a cockpit.  Before you realize it, you have hallways. Then the Death Star appears.

I don’t know how I missed the analogy.  This is literally how I survive. I break things down into manageable pieces.  That piece, those overly simplified steps, that is what I am offering all of you. A different perspective on the same old topics.

Breaking Down Barriers

Having the ability to break down a process may be a talent of it’s own. I rather enjoy the steps. I feel accomplished as I go. We all need that. We need to see progress, while feeling accomplished for having done something right.

We may all want to be millionaires. It starts with a single dollar. We needn’t wait until we have 10K to start a savings.  It’s not that difficult. You may need $5, but take that $5 to the bank and get started.

I invite you to stick with me. To go on an adventure that will break down complex processes into simple and easy to manage tasks. Together we’ll both work on life, and I’ll work on improving my blogging skills.

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