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How to Change My Life Around: 5 Easy Ways

What does my destiny look like?

I think we’ve all asked ourselves that question

I’m glad you are here. I know you are ready to change your life. If you are like me, on more than one occasion you’ve wondered, how can I change my life? What is my purpose? Do I have a purpose? How can I change my life? I’m certain you are meant for so much more than what you have right now.  Humans couldn’t have been created to merely wake up, go to work, pay bills and go to sleep. There has to be more. Where is the fulfillment in that?

Over the years I have asked myself this very questions more times than I’ve tied my own shoes. For me there was always a road block. Something in my mind telling me that conventional jobs are the way to go. For years I’ve asked myself what kind of fool gives up a good job. Job security no less.  I just could not let go of this compulsion to give into the so-called dream. We all know it. The one where we go to college, get a good job, a spouse, couple of kids and maybe even a dog!! At which point we die painfully in suburbia.

Influence Comes in Small Places

About three months ago I decided, perhaps carelessly that I was going to make a change.  While I do not recall the exact person who said it, this statement describes exactly how it feels.

Jumping into your dream feels like jumping off a cliff with no parachute.”

 That quote spoke to me and I knew I had to change my life and I had to start today. It was hard for me to say at first. But now, I’m starting to believe what I’ve known all along. I’m a good writer.

My First Idea

While station in Hawaii I came up with a great line of children’s books. But I thought, other people are writers. Other people get famous. Other people make millions…but not people like me. People like me schlep off to work and hate themselves. Finishing their careers wondering what could have been.

Don’t get me wrong, some people love their jobs. I in fact really enjoy mine. But, I have a gypsy spirit. Sitting at a desk day after day is soul crushing. All I can think about are days when I can take my laptop to the beach and write. Days when the alarm doesn’t go off at 5am. So, as I said, it occurred to me. My life is insanity in the truest form. Doing the same thing over and over thinking I would ever get to the beach was madness.

Think about it. How would going to my day job ever get me to the beach? That is the beauty of the story. I realized it wouldn’t. I hope you realize that too. The truth is, we are our own worst enemy.  It’s our inner dialog that prohibits us from really making our dreams come true. I wouldn’t allow myself to change my life because I was afraid.

5 Ways to Change My Life Today

1.       Who do you really want to be? What are your goals and aspirations? Is there something out there you want to do, but are afraid try?

**Start today. Change your inner monologue. Stop telling yourself you can’t. You can. You will. This was the most important step when I decided to change my life.

2.       If you do not keep a monthly budget, start.

**A budget keys you in on when bills are due. What income is coming into the household? If you need one, I have a free budget template I send out. All you need to do is go to the bottom of my website and subscribe to my email listing. I do not share emails with anyone else. Your secret is safe with me.

The tracker itself allows you to input due dates, pay dates and minimum payments. Lastly, it allows you to track when each bill is paid.

3.       Have a plan. Create a one, five and 10-year plan.

** Make yourself accountable. Perhaps you want to be a photo journalist but don’t know how.  Perhaps that goal isn’t achievable until the five year mark. That’s okay. But in the interim, a one year goal would be to get a camera (not a phone) and start taking photos. Check out some free books from the library. 

Maybe the best you can do right now is read online or via a book about taking photos. Start there. No step is too small. Allow yourself the dream.

Take The Step. Don’t Keep Saying, Tomorrow

4.       Put yourself first!

** I know what you are thinking, yeah right. Trust me I know. This is the hardest one.  There is never a time when I let myself off the hook. I know what the statistics say about relaxation, recharging and freeing your mind. Knowing and doing are two different things.

**The reason it is so important is because, following your dreams requires you to put yourself first. If not, your dreams will stay on the back burner. Waiting. Waiting for that magical train to arrive at the perfect station. When all of the world’s problems are solved. Then, then it will be your turn. I’ve been there and I must tell you. The train isn’t coming. There is no magic station.

5.       Start a savings account

**If you are already saving, that is wonderful.  If not, I urge you to start today.  We all know the adage, money doesn’t buy happiness, but it helps. Agreed. No matter how much money I have I will never stop wanting to write from the beach.

**However, having a savings allows you several options. Maybe you need a camera? Perhaps a new flash, tripod or camera bag. Honestly a list is endless. Having money in the bank allows you the freedom to say, I will start today.

 Final Thought

I want you to remove the barriers in your life.  Find out what you are scared of. For me, it’s actual fame. My mind spins thinking about what people might say. That’s right. Might. But guess what, they might not either. We will never know unless we try.

There is no better time than right now. You deserve it!

What goals do want to acheive?

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