If You Love Mexican Food, Then Try The Best In Central Texas

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The Answer Awaits You Right Here in Killeen

Often the very best memories we share with family is over home cooked meals. In my families case, it’s probably Mexican Food.  For sure though at my house, there WILL be food.  Over the course of Ron and my marriage I kept hearing this repeating term, fish tacos. Fish tacos, over and over. I recall the very first time he took me to San Diego to meet his grandmother.  Right along the beach was a restaurant called Romeros.  Of course, if you find yourself in San Diego, check it out. To this day he still talks about those darn fish tacos.

This Cali Boy Knows Good Food

Let me paint you a picture. Ron is a surfer boy. He is about as South Cali as they come.  I’m inclined to say that if he isn’t wearing a t-shirt, board shorts and flip-flops he isn’t dressed.  If for some strange reason he is caught in long pants, it’s likely a formal event.  For this surfer, there is no better afternoon meal than a fish taco. I have to admit. Those were darn fine tacos!!

Being a chunk-a-chunk myself, I love Mexican food. Over the past 15 years we have seen a lot of different restaurants with the title “authentic.”  Now, I’m not a culinary genius when it comes to Mexican food. In fact, I have a tortilla press I still can’t use correctly. Oh, but I can eat some salsa.  Regardless, when we’ve eaten at many of these restaurants we’ve thought this food is awful. I don’t know. Not everyone can cook I guess. Either way, I’m certain we managed to finish.  We certainly aren’t the type to let food go to waste.

Camino Real

If you are in the central Texas area, Killeen to be exact, you have to check out this delicious Mexican restaurant called Camino Real.  Over the past couple of years it has changed owners a couple of times, but I’m REALLY hoping this one will stick. Each time I go, I get the fajita. I tell myself I’ll try something new.  But then I remember how good it was the last time. I think, what is the point? I know what I like.

This is by far the most authentic Mexican restaurant we have been to in 13 years.  I love when my fajita comes out on a steaming plate sizzlingFajita, Steak, Chicken, Corn Tortilla, Mexican Food away.  There is nothing better than grabbing that first bite while it’s nice and hot.  Ron normally gets enchiladas. Of course that is his favorite. I know what you are thinking, what about the fish tacos? I don’t know. I got nothing. The only remote idea I can say is that when you take the fresh out of fish, it just isn’t the same.  There is just something spectacular about a fish taco on the beach.

When You Are Here, You Really Are Family!!

There is one thing that is more important to me than good food. Good customer service.  This place has it all.  Each time we’re there the staff is super friendly and very outgoing. Like good gringos trying to enjoy a yummy fiesta, we order cocktails. I kid you not, you don’t need more than one.  Ron is a champ. He normally has two. Perhaps I’m a weakling, but I’m not joking when I say Jose’ Cuervo leaves a mark. Even so, when I get that yummy mango margarita in my hand, I’m about as happy as I’m going to get until the fajita shows up.

I do want to say this, when you’re at Camino Real they ensure you are taken care of.  The waiters are attentive and happy.  We’ve never needed to call a waiter for anything. They Tortillia, Salsa, Appatizerare always right there asking if we are enjoying your meal or need anything. In fact, the bartender has come to our table a few times just to see how we like our drinks. Of course the answer is always, fantastic.

Even as I type my mouth is watering. In fact, I feel like calling my husband and telling him I want to go out to dinner. I won’t though. We’ve already taken dinner out of the freezer. Not to mention last night’s left overs. But of course, it won’t be long and we will be back.  The food is fresh, the flavors are to die for and the mix drinks, well worth the money.

The Best Home Cook Mexican Food

I wish I could tell you how many other Mexican restaurants or any other types of restaurants in general we pass to get there, but we do. Sure, the place is across town. However, once I start thinking of Mexican food there is no other place I want to go.  Previously my husband’s favorite restaurant was right up the street from our house. Gone are those day.  There simply isn’t a better non-chain restaurant in the Killeen area. My next favorite restaurant would be Outback Steakhouse and I’m willing to say they are better than that.

I often tell people, know your audience. It’s impossible to cater to people you are out of touch with. Well, they are not out of touch.  Just let them know you are military (ID required) and they will take 10% off your Receipt, Happy Customer, Dinner, fish tacosbill.  When I first saw 10% I nearly lost it. Normally you MAY get 5%, but that is it.  This type of discount almost equaled our waitress’ tip. And if there is anyway at all to make me happy, it’s saving me a couple of bucks.

If you are ever in Killeen, TX I hope you give Camino Real a try. If you are fond of Mexican food or Hispanic food in general, you are certainly going to love this place.

Have you been there? Drop a comment.

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