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Want balanced breakfast, but lack free time?

Look No Further

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Early Sunday morning and no one is awake but me.  I should relax, twiddle my fingers or vegge in front of the TV. I have my coffee, computer and iPad close at hand. But vegging … I’m not. Writing relaxes me.  Siting here, I thought of a simple breakfast solution. A solution that will which cost the least amount of effort, providing a big payoff with the family.

There are never two people who like the same thing.  Take for example pancakes and waffles. Ron likes pancakes, I like waffles. The only difference, an egg and of course how it’s cooked.  Pancakes to me are just that. Cakey. It’s too much first thing in the morning. Like a good wife I make Pancakes while I dream of the day he makes waffles for me.

Yesterday while grocery shopping I bought, Red Hill pancake flour. The simple breakfast your family will love. A couple of eggs, a mixer and you are Red Hill, Pancakes, Breakfast, Husbandset!  I must admit I haven’t bought this particular flour before. I have many Red Hill flour (gluten-free), but not this particular one.  The flour is a little more expensive, but it is health vs cost.

Update: This was fantastic. It is 7 grain. I wasn’t sure Ron would like it.  However, it tasted like any other pancake.  The only difference is when it cooks the batter won’t bubble as much. Making a healthier breakfast is that easy. One trick the family will never notice.

Balance Meal

The entire meal was made in 20 minutes.  The pancakes took the longest.  If you have one, pull out the griddle.  It will cut cooking time in half.  I like to put the cooked pancakes in the oven on warm. They do cool off, but it beats cold.

I was so proud of Ron yesterday.  He LOVES bacon. Me, not a fan.  While shopping he picked up three types of turkey bacon.  It made me smile.  He either wanted me to eat bacon, or is tired of me telling him he is going to have a heart attack. Either way, turkey bacon it is.

Let’s Get Cooking

Here we go. This is how simple breakfast can be. Mix up the pancake mix, get out bacon, eggs and fresh or frozen fruit.  These simple steps will have your family fed and going about their day in no time.

1.       Cook the bacon first.  It will make the pan a little greasy, but this is threefold.  First, it will grease the pan so you do not have to use cooking spray when you make the pancake. Just take a paper towel and wipe the pan a bit. Remove any burnt residue.  Second, the bacon will sit in the oven better than the pancakes. Lastly, it gives you time to prepare the pancake batter.

2.       When the bacon is done, cook the pancakes. Again, while the pancakes cook, get the eggs ready.  I normally make scrambled eggs, but you can have any type your family likes.  Cook the EGGS last!! Put the eggs in the oven to keep warm, they will get dry and crunch on the outside. Yuck.

3.       For the fruit you can either throw together some frozen fruit, ice and juice in the blender to make a smoothie, or cut up fresh fruit.

Left Overs? No Problem

Simply Refrigerate For On-The-Go Breakfast

Simple Breakfast SolutionYou family will love this quick and easy breakfast.  If you have left over pancakes, put them in a container.  During the week, before school, grab them and put them in the toaster.  Quick and simple and the kids have pancakes for breakfast during the week too.


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