Homemade Spagetti in Less Than 10 Simple Steps

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I often think about all the joy that has come to my family by way of togetherness. Togetherness usually surrounded around food and a dinner table. I’m not sure if I love to cook, love to stuff them full of food or enjoy just having them around.  As a mom, I don’t think it matters. Having those around you love is enough. I think I lure my family with food.  Sure, Breezy can cook but I’m a big believer in it always being better when someone else makes it. I tried to lure them tonight for spaghetti too. However, when I contacted Breezy she had already cooked. Inset mama sad face here.

While we were not able to have dinner tonight, I’m sure we will soon. Anytime Breezy and Shayne are over it seems to turn into a contest of who can eat the most.  Which Breezy and I gracefully bow out of long before it even starts.  Ron and Shayne like to say they are growing boys. More like growing out of their clothes. I suppose it is compliments to the chef.

Tonight I decided to make spaghetti. Anytime I cook, it’s from scratch which is a heck of a lot easier than you might think.  I’m fairly confident everything you need for spaghetti is in your pantry right now. The basis of any Italian sauce is tomato. Easy enough. Of course this is spaghetti, but if you have any type of pasta it will work in a pinch. As you may or may not know a lot of Italian food has the same base. Tomato sauce.  The different names derive from the type of noodle. This recipe could just as easily be lasagna. Simply put it in a pan and use lasagna noodles (of course a couple additional items). In fact, if you want lasagna, do it!!

Ingredients:Noodles, Spagetti, Boil, Family

Ground Turkey or Beef 1 lb.

Tomato Sauce 1 16 oz. Can

Cut or diced Tomato 1 16 oz. Can

Tomato Paste 1 16 oz. Can

Italian Seasoning



Package of noodles


1.       Take out the ground turkey and place in a pan.  Cook until thoroughly cooked.  Drain any liquid.  **If you are using beef and would like it to be a bit healthier, toss it into the noodle strainer and run hot water over it. This will remove more of the grease.

2.       Pull out a can of tomato sauce, tomato paste and cut tomatoes.  Open each one and dump into a pan. Of course you do not have to, but I like to drain the water from the cut tomatoes.  This will keep your sauce from getting runny.

3.       Once the sauce is in the pan place the pan on the stove and set to medium heat.  **I like to speed the process by heating the sauce while the meat cooks. But you could skip this step and dump everything onto the meat once it’s cooked. 

4.       Wing it with the seasoning. If I had to guess I used 3-4 table spoons of Italian seasoning and sprinkled salt and pepper. Keep stirring and tasting.  If there isn’t a lot of flavor add more seasoning.  In fact if something sounds good to you, add it.

5.       I put the water for the noodles on the stove to boil when the meat is nearly cooked.  Place the water in the pan and use a little oil so the noodles won’t stick.  **I like to use Coconut Oil because it is SOOO good for you.  The value of Coconut Oil is almost endless.

6.       Once the meat is cooked and drained, add the sauce.  **If the sauce seems thin, let it boil and keep stirring with the lid off.  This will allow some of the liquid to cook out.

7.       Cook the pasta according to the package. Once cooked make sure you rinse the pasta.  Due to the starch in the pasta, the noodles will continue to cook unless cool water is run over them.  If you skip this step you may end up with mushy pasta!  Once the pasta is drained I put a little oil on it and stir.  This will keep your pasta from drying into one piece of pasta.

8.       You’re done!! You made spaghetti from scratch and you did it in less than an hour. 

As a rule, because I’m a little crazy, I feed the family vegetables.  With this meal I made asparagus. This too is so much easier than you think.  You can have delicious asparagus your family will love in 15 minutes with these easy steps. My mom taught this technique to Breezy and she taught me.  That’s right. Third hand information and you will love it! Prior to having asparagus this way, none of us would eat it.  This really could change your outlook on this yummy veggie.

Cooking Asparagus

1. Wash asparagus & pre-heat the oven to 350.

2. Cut the bottom ½ inch or so off the bottom. You will be able to see how much to cut because it will not be as green as the rest of the asparagus.

3. Place the asparagus on a cooking sheet and sprinkle with coconut oil.  **Because I’m making Italian food, I used the same seasoning.  However, go with your gut.  Season it anyway you think your family will love.

4. Once the oven is hot, put the asparagus in for 10 minutes. Do not overcook.

When the asparagus comes out it will taste perfect’. A little undercooked, but this is actually how you want it to be. No one likes mushy yucky canned asparagus.  Anytime I make asparagus it is the very last thing I make.  Normally I throw it in the oven just as everything is finishing up.  If the asparagus comes out of the oven and gets left on the baking sheet until served it will continue to cook.  If it gets overcooked it will turn mushy.

It’s Always Margarita Ville

Dinner, 5 Min Meals, Margarita, Mango, YummyI finished up dinner and Ron made us Mango Margaritas. Once we were filled to the gills with food we were set to relax….except I’m here typing away.  It’s okay though. He carb crashed and fell asleep on the floor. Maybe I should blame the margaritas!! Who’s to say?  One thing I do know, if you give this a try you will be so glad you did.

I must admit, I have not used this particular pasta before.  However, if you want an authentic Italian taste, these are the noodles for you. Keep in mind when they are cooked they are about twice the length. I would definitely break them in half next time. Also, use the recommended amount of water.  These suckers are like little sponges. But man were they yummy. 

Now that you are ready to make spaghetti, what is your favorite side dish or drink with pasta?

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