If you or someone you know is suffering from PTSD, let Motorcyle Missions help!

Motorcycle Missions~ Helping Those with PTSD

Motorcycle Missions is a wonderful non-profit organization. When Krystal started the mission she had service members and first responders in mind. Being a nurse herself she knows first-hand what it’s like to get fatigue from being inundated with constant traumatic events. Events which often lead to PTSD.

Meeting the Lady Behind the Mission

This past Saturday I was able to meet Krystal.  She is a wonderful, caring and outgoing person.  If you spend even five minutes with Krystal you know Motorcycle Missions and its success means a lot to her. Ron and I drove down to Austin Saturday to assist her with her booth. The American Legion was hosting an event to educate veterans about opportunities in the central Texas area.

Like any great event contacts were made, and veterans were reached.  Sometimes it’s hard to judge ones success, but when you have a great attitude like hers, it’s not all that difficult. For her, reaching even one veteran or first responder is worth any amount of sacrifice. This is truly a beautiful thing. Not only did she reach veterans, she reached me too.  Any organization that hopes to assist others has no choice but to put aside the amount of work it takes, and focus on the reason for being.  This is something she does with ease and passion.

Anyone who has ever given a motorcycle a thought should get in touch with Krystal.  Even if you do not know anything about motorcycles, but are curious. Give Motorcycle Missions a chance.  Having an outlet, finding others who are going through the same thing is worth it.  Often times getting started is the hardest thing.  Make the first step.

Get Involved

Once connected with Motorcycle Missions there are several ways to get involved.  As a veteran or first responder you can either sign up to build a bike or participate on a track day.  For the rest of us we can either donate our time or resources.  For Ron and I, this is what we like to do. We have motorcycles so we know how therapeutic it is to be out on the road. Being a wounded veteran, riding his motorcycle is the last physical activity he can do, and he holds on to it with all he has. Just in case, here is a link to Motorcycle Missions.

Track Days – Dirt Bikes

Keep in mind that Motorcycle Missions sole purpose is to reach people who are suffering from PTSD. It doesn’t matter if someone is a veteran rider or never been on a bike before in their life.  Sign up for a track day and Motorcycle Missions will teach you how to ride on dirt bikes, right here in Austin.  There is no need for any type of equipment. Motorcycle Missions has everything you need. Track days fill up fast and space is limited. If you are interested I would encourage you to do so sooner than later.

Build a Show Bike

The second outlet Motorcycle Missions provides is building a motorcycle. Not just any motorcycle, a show quality motorcycle.  Seven veterans work on a show bike which will be given away at R.O.T. Rally this upcoming June.  Builds are completed by donations via funding or parts.  Krystal has been able to make some wonderful contacts, but if you have help to offer, no amount is too small.

During the build process veterans learn how to work on bikes as well as fabricate or refurbish parts.  These veterans get to see a parted out motorcycle turn into a beautiful show bike. Each year Motorcycle Missions builds two bikes. One every six months.  There is an application process and space is limited. However, if building a bike is something you are interested in, get over to their website and sign up.

Cycle Refinery, Austin, Texas, PTSD, Motorcycle

Build Location

Of course all of this takes space. Currently Motorcycle Missions is able to utilize some shop space from Cycle Refinery. The owner of Cycle Refinery, Jesse, is a great guy. Ron has, on more than one occasion drove all the way to his shop just for the personalized service.  This is not a shop with a get it and get out mentality.  Jesse is more than willing to teach and mentor anyone needing assistance with their bike.  If you think about it. Why wouldn’t he? Isn’t that what great customer service really is?

I’ve been to the shop myself a few times.  He’s a man with the Olive Garden attitude. When you’re here, your family.  What more can you say about a man whose joined forces with Motorcycle Missions in order to help individuals suffering from PTSD? That’s right. Our very own veterans are building the show bike from his shop.  When I say this is a wonderful opportunity for these veterans, I mean it.

Donations are Welcome

Like any non-profit organization the biggest hurdle is funding.  If you are looking for a worthwhile organization to donate to, look no further.  Motorcycle Missions reaches veterans and first responders. The very people who take care of us on a daily basis.  As suicide rates continue to climb in America, even one more due to PTSD is too many.

Sometimes, We Are the Ones Who Are Reached

I have to admit, I learned a lot yesterday. Not just about veterans and their needs, but a little about my own family. Perhaps what we need ourselves is the therapeutics associated with helping others. For me, that is what life is all about. Making the journey easier on someone else.  If I can do that for just one person, it will have all been worth it.

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