Stranger than Fiction ~ When Our Conscious Doesn’t Understand Unconsciousness

Stranger than Fiction ~ When Our Conscious Doesn’t Understand Unconsciousness

A couple weeks ago I wrote a blog about dreams and what they may or may not mean to all of us. Last week I had two very odd dreams. Odd because when I’m awake I don’t feel I have any abandonment issues. As far as my marriage there is no word such as divorce, so I know that I’m not feeling insecure about it. Regardless, I had two dreams which would certainly make me think I’m worried about being left alone. One a cruise, the other an airport.

Dream #1 ~ Cruise. Sounds Relaxing Doesn’t It?

Cruise, Ship, Bahamas, Vacation, Travel

The first dream, wasn’t that bad I suppose.  Ron and I were on a cruise and as cruises do, it stopped on an island and let everyone get off.  In my dream we got off the ship and had a great time. However, that is where it starts getting weird. As I recall we came back to the ship by the time required, but did not get on. Instead we sat on the beach. When we got off the ship it looked like a typical tourist city. Shopping, restaurants…anything the heart desires. I remember feeling the urge to get up and get on the ship, but we hesitated. Only for a moment. As we started to walk toward the ship it pulled away. The tourist area became a deserted island. The speed of the ship was like a torpedo. With a blink of the eye the ship was gone. As we looked around, we became the two people on the mini island with one palm tree. Then I woke up.

Island, Desert, Vacation, Relaxing, Happy

In this dream Ron and I were together. While I couldn’t comprehend what this could mean I didn’t mention it to him. After all, it’s just a dream.

Having already booked another cruise, I’m sure it’s going to be a blast.

Dream #2 ~ Trapped in a Foreign Airport

Dream, Night, Happiness, Sleeping, Moon

The second dream is stranger than a fiction novel. In this dream Ron and I were in an airport in another country, although I’m not sure which one. In case I haven’t mentioned it, Ron recently returned from his tour in S. Korea. However, in my dream he said I love you I’m going back to Korea and simply walked off. Ron was gone in a blink of an eye. I tried to yell for him but he wasn’t there.  I then started toward the ticket counter to check in for my flight.

Like a kaleidoscope, Everything Before Me Was Changing

Dining, Food, Elegant, Relaxing, Happy

As I started down the corridor the whole setting turned into two separate luxury restaurants. At this point I started to cry because I realized that I lost my purse with my ID and travel documents. For whatever reason I didn’t have my passport with me. I finally stumbled upon a restroom. Upon going in I ran into three ladies. These three strangers seemed to be the nicest ladies I’ve ever met.  Despite the fact they were loud and most likely drunk. Immediately they offered to help me get to the correct airline. I indicated I didn’t have a passport with me and would have to have my daughter get it out of a safe.

Side Bar

At this point it’s pretty interesting because I certainly wouldn’t need to check in if I had to wait for my passport to arrive. I also recall not wanting to bother Breezy to get the passport. I’m not sure what my plan was…perhaps Tom Hanks and I would both live out our lives in Terminal.

Back to the Dream

Regardless, we went to the airline counter and they gave me a ticket. These three women must have been magic. At this point I awoke and thought, what the heck? However this being the second dream with the same theme I mentioned it to Ron. His reply, why the F would I be back in Korea?  Thanks for the support… It’s okay though. That is us in the truest form.  Ron asked what I was scared of. I said I couldn’t think of anything. Even as I write this nothing comes to mind. Ron asked if I was scared someone would leave me. I didn’t think that was true.  Although, he did mention my dad’s poor health and the fact we just saw him in the hospital. Perhaps he’s right. I do feel like I will be left alone.

The Conclusion is Anyone’s Guess

I certainly don’t know, but I do know I haven’t slept well since we came back from Florida. Perhaps it’s a way for me to deal with the fact I feel my dad isn’t going to be around much longer. Regardless, reality haunts us in the night. Our subconscious runs wild because we are asleep and unable to control our thoughts.  It’s crazy though. When we wake up and we are, as we think, rational we cannot comprehend what the subconscious presented. Perhaps our mind needs this as a release.

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