Red Robin ~ The Saga of the Complaint Turned Escalation Continues

Red Robin, Hamburger

Red Robin ~ The Saga of the Complaint Turned Escalation Continues

As most of you know Ron and I have an ongoing complaint with Red Robin here is Killeen.  A couple of days ago the corporate office called just as I was going into a meeting.  I was able to give the nice gentleman Ron’s phone number and advised him to try calling. I obtained his phone number and hung up with the promise to call in about an hour.

Like most things in life, my meeting stretched from one hour to two… Of course my mind is a drift. All I can think of is these two jack-a-loons who called our house.  I have confidence though, that Ron would give the man all the necessary information.  From the sound of things, for the most part he did. Ron and I are not upset with Red Robin.  Ron and I are not crazy enough to think this is actually how Red Robin does business. The gentleman who called us from the corporate office is the only person who works the Twitter account. Needless to say, Red Robin is very upset. After all, this is his reputation that is being slandered. Wanting to make sure Ron had the time to talk with him, I called him back.

Calling Back the Corporate Office

I was able to speak with another lady whom I gave a bit more information. She did advise me that our case is being move to upper management. This makes me very happy because as I stated before I made a legitimate complaint. I did it in a very nice way. For that two people think they can call my house and disrespect me, then my husband. They don’t know he’s crazy. Legit crazy. Mess with the family and Ron will protect as necessary. It’s okay though because we are taking the necessary legal steps to resolve the issue.

I don’t know how long this situation will drag on. Honestly, I don’t know how long we can keep going over this roller coaster. According to the lady, they will remain in contact with us. I have to admit, I do appreciate it. At this point, it’s anyone’s guess what Red Robin’s course of action will be. Red Robin is likely more aggravated than Ron and I are. No corporation wants this kind of publicity.

I guess we will all have to wait. Wait and see where this little nightmare takes us.  We do not want anything from Red Robin other than getting their employees in check. This will not deter us from eating at Red Robin in the future, but I can say with certainty we will never go back into the Killeen location.

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