Death – One of the Scariest Parts of Life

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The lonely road of regret

Death – One of the Scariest Parts of Life

There seems to be this reoccurring theme in my life lately, and that is one of death.  It makes me wonder, do we ever spend enough time with those we love? Laugh enough? Or even cherish our loved ones enough?  Of course I can only speak from my own perspective, but I would have to say no. Don’t get me wrong. I’m kicked back, fun loving and dote on those I love. However, I can be snippy. There are times when I just don’t want to do something. People always say, you’re human. An answer I’m not too fond of. To me this is a cop out. A way to say, it’s okay to act the way I do.

As they say, to be human is to err, but to what extent? I would like to think those I love know it. But I’m not so sure of that either. I guess I have work to do.

Life Changes in a Single Moment

Alone, Sad. Frustrated, Unhappy

Over the holiday weekend three people in my small corner of life passed away. One I know, one I met and one I didn’t know at all. Life is fragile and certainly not promised. We close our eyes at night and expect nothing less than waking up in the morning. Despite not wanting to die we grumble and complain about the day before us. I normally say to my husband, I don’t want to get up. He replies, I know. Me either. Then we both get up. While it’s cute, it also represents the state of mind we are in. Instead of being grateful (although I think we are) we grumble.

The Void of Death

As I said, I know of three people who passed away this weekend. Thinking back to stretches of years I’ve gone without hearing someone passed away. Perhaps it’s because my own dad is in poor health. Who’s to say? The one thing I do know is these three individuals were not guaranteed tomorrow. There will be no second change for them to say I love you. I miss you. To say to a loved one, there is nothing in this life better than you. When I think back on my life and my actions I can’t help but question, if I died today would they know how much I loved them? Would they know everything I did was for them? I can only hope.

The three individuals who passed were loved. I have no doubts about that. One a close family friend of my son-in-law, the second a man who installed our computers in my office. The third individual, he died for his country. He was stationed here at Ft. Hood and a very young man. I hope his family is proud. America is at a loss any day a soldier dies.

I believe the third person, the only one I didn’t know is effecting me the worst. Why? Because he’s a soldier. As many of you know my dad was a soldier, my husband is a wounded vet and my son-in-law is on active duty.  Is it possible the people we do not know, at times, have the most significance in our lives?

Certainly life hits us in unexpected ways all the time. Unfortunately that could mean the death of someone you know and love. Start today. Love more. Care more. We never know when it will be too late.

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