Symbol of Change

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A Symbol of Change

It’s often said when a woman makes dramatic changes to her hair, she’s ready for a new journey, a major change in her life if you will. I do have to say, for me, this is certainly true.  Recently I decided I was going to style my hair the way I wanted. I wasn’t going to worry about whether someone liked the color or the cut.  While I don’t worry about what people think about me in general, I do try to maintain a professional work appearance.

Funny thing about loyalty though. Sometimes it slaps a person in the face. Like many of us who work in my office, we all work hard to make sure work is done on time. After all, if we fail, them\n ultimately we fail the soldiers on Ft. Hood. In one word, unacceptable. In retrospect, we still feel the loyalty to the mission, but one huge slap in the face and moral is ruined.  You see, we have a very strict policy at work which states a budget analyst cannot work from home.  However, it has come to light a certain member of our office whose moved, is still on payroll.

What is the Right Course of Action?

I would love to say this is not my issue. I shouldn’t worry about something that on the surface doesn’t affect me.  However, it does. I get anxiety from being around people.  When my office is loud I can’t even think. I just stop what I’m doing and sit there, wondering, will I be able to get any work done today?  Eventually the talking subsides and I’m able to work gain.  The worst issue I’m facing right now is everyone’s obsession with America’s new president. I’m not for or against anyone, but this is another prohibited area within the government system.  We are not allowed to talk about, influence or speculate at work. Because the only topic I seem to hear about is politics, I want to scream. I’m losing my ability to stay calm.

By now you are probably wondering, what does this have to do with hair? Well, I’m ready for a change. I’m ready to achieve everything I’ve been telling myself I can’t. My whole life I’ve been led to believe that other people achieved things the average American would consider glamorous. An example would be getting a job in a foreign country, comedian.  movie star or anything else that seems daunting. I really admire those who grow up and travel around the world in non-traditional jobs. The so called American dream is so far engrained in me that I cannot even comprehend how to get started doing something like that.

Once Again. Pinterest Saves the Day

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I wish I could have the color too, but I don’t think that would fly at my office.

After the many hours I’ve spent on Pinterest, I found a haircut and color I like. When I got up this morning I asked my husband to shave the back of my hair. The triangle is a bit too high, but that is my fault as I parted my hair in the first place. I do like the look, but next time we will use a bigger guard. That way my hair will be longer in the back. We also purchased a line clipper, which allows someone to cut the lines in the hair easier.  From there I moved onto the color.

The color I chose was a bit complicated, but definitely doable. I wanted it black at the roots and grey on the bottom. Not quite ambrosia; I did want a few streaks on the top.  I started the color by putting bleach on the bottom of the strands and black at the roots.  Below is a link to my Facebook page if you would like to see the video. There are two videos. Both were live and could get buried in the newsfeed. The first is the black and blonde, the second the overall grey. 

End Result of the Color Experience

I have to admit I’m disappointed in the lack of grey. There is grey at the bottom, but I wanted it to be blatantly grey. Undisputable grey.  A friend did tell me about purple shampoo which should help bring out the grey.  While I’m out tomorrow I’ll pick up a bottle.  Maybe then I will be able to see the grey a bit better. If not, I will give my hair a few weeks to rest. Too much coloring in a compressed amount of time is very hard on hair.

When ready for a change, start today. Do not put off until tomorrow. One day you will look back and think, where did the last five, ten or 15 years go? That is exactly what I did. I kept telling myself there was time. That I wasn’t that old. While 40 isn’t a foot in the grave, I’ve lost the first 20 years of my adult life. I’ve had a good life. However, when I take into account the many things I wanted to do, but didn’t think I could do, there is much to be remorseful for.

A new style is but a start. A symbol. A message to the outside world there are changes in the works. Change in life comes as an avalanche. It might be hard to start, even unpredictable at times. But once a few snowflakes start falling, it gains momentum. Before long things are changing so fast it’s hard to keep up.  I’m hoping my changes go something like that.

Finished Product

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The results of my hair cut and color

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