Amazingly Crazy Things Happen In the Middle of the Night

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Amazingly Crazy Things Happen In the Middle of the Night

Last night at 10:39 I received a phone call from a blocked number. Normally I do not answer, but for whatever reason I did.  When I answered the man on the line, Jeremy (if that’s his name) said, is this Kari Harding? The hell if I’m going to tell, so I replied, who is this? He went into his speech. My name is Jeremy and I’m with Red Robin’s Twitter team. Of course I’m thinking WTF, it is 10:39 at night.

Now, before we get into all of that, I’m sure many of you remember at the end of January I wrote a blog about Red Robin. The manager at Red Robin in Killeen was extremely rude to us. The manager continued to stare at our tattoos. Of course this offended me but I didn’t include it in my complaint to the corporate office. Why? Because I’m not about getting someone fired. I just wanted them to know their manager was treating customers poorly. The corporate office called and in my mind the situation was resolved. I’m certain the owner of the Killeen Red Robin would like it if I would stop negatively blogging about his restaurant. I’d like that too. But first, I’m going to need him to get his employees under control.

It was in fact resolved until last night when I got a call from “Jeremy.” He asked me what happened and I recapped in less than one minute. I advised him the corporate office already reimbursed me. I guess he isn’t smart enough to figure out the Public Relations department would be at the corporate office and they wouldn’t be open at 10:39PM. He went on to advise me that he wanted to give me additional compensation. Before I could say anything he stated he was getting his manager to see if he could give me additional compensation.

Jeremy put me on hold, or so he said to bring the manager on the line. He immediately told the “manager” I could not hear him. I didn’t get the second man’s name, but he did have a VERY heavy British accent. He immediately started cussing and name calling.  Keep in mind, they think (or are pretending) we can’t hear them. Due to the weird nature of the situation we recorded the conversation with my husband’s phone.  I did contemplate putting the complaint in this blog post. But that would wreck the element of surprise. If someone from the Killeen Red Robin thinks they are being cute again, they are not going to be able to prepare themselves because I but all of the information here. Y’all will have to wait for the juicy detains until this issue is resolved.

The only thing that I will say is that there was excessive name calling and foul language. Several vulgar threats were made, even after my husband told them several times they were being recorded. It’s funny though. They both continued to deny the name calling stating they did not give permission to be recorded. They also went onto say they have lawyers that will get us banned from the restaurant.  HMMM you are calling me names, and I need banned? Strange. These two fail to realize that people can record ANYTHING they want. Should it go to court it’s up to the judge to allow or disallow.  Did they really think we were going to quit recording because they say so? Absolutely insane. Perhaps they should check with their “lawyers” first.

I’m not certain where this situation will go. The threats made against our family last night by a so called Red Robin employee are taken serious. My husband has PTSD and I have anxiety.  This is NOT something we can let go. This is not something we are just going to brush off as a heated conversation. Again, I’m not going to say what we are thinking we will do. That is not for the internet or these two who obviously think they can bully us into silence.

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What is the Motivation? Do They Think This Will Resolve Anything?

Perhaps these are two employees who work at the Killeen Red Robin. Perhaps it’s the son and husband of the manager. I don’t know. But that is okay. They made one grave mistake and told me they represented Red Robin. I made a complaint there, so I know it’s the connection. Now corporate is going to make the same connection. Do these individuals really think you can treat customer like crap? That they have no right to complain? Then believe you can call those customers and harass them? Again, they made a mistake because neither of us will be bullied into crawling under a rock.

Neither of us has any known enemies. In fact we are both very well liked. Both of us are giving and happy people. There are unlimited amount of times people tell us how funny and entertaining we are. Should anything happen to one of us, our cars or our home we will know who it is. There was also a threat made against my daughter and that most certainly will not fly.

At this time I’m waiting again to hear back from corporate. I’m certain this will be very embarrassing for them. I understand that. These two most certainly did not act on behalf of the company. And I therefore will not hold it against the corporation, but I do expect answers. This time around the employees should be fired. Not just because of what they said to me, but because they are slandering a company in which I’m certain doesn’t operate this way.

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