My Step Daughter, Madison

Madison, Tampa, Florida, Daughter

My Step-daughter: Madison

Families come in all shapes and sizes. Often in ways we never dreamed. However, when those who need us call, we always come running. I find it refreshing that amongst chaos, something good can happen. Since Ron and I arrived in Florida we’ve had the opportunity to see his kids a couple times. The first the tragedy of Olive Garden. What a mess that was.  Yesterday though, we went out to breakfast with Ron’s daughter Madison.

While at breakfast we had a great conversation. When Ron and Madison see each other I am always amazed. The two of them pick up conversation like they talk on the phone every day.  The last time Ron and I saw the kids was when we were in Florida last June. At that time, I wanted Ron and his kids to reconnect.  Breezy and I did not feel the need to interfere with them reconnecting and sort of stepped aside. After all, it had been several years since they’ve seen each other. Perhaps an impression was left that Breezy and I didn’t care, hopefully not.

Together Again for the First Time

A Happy Reunion

We felt the kids would better adjust to being part of our family by getting to know their dad better.  While Breezy could not come to Florida with us this time, I’m glad I’ve had more time to connect with Madison.  I’m fairly certain I break the mold with the things I say and do. I’m okay with that. I’m serious about my job and family, but not much else matters. No one else pays the bills and I certainly will not pay for a designer name brand bags when the bags I like are Betsy Johnson.

I guess over the years I’ve developed a sarcastic personality which I’ve used as a defense mechanism. Ron gives me a run for my money, so no need to feel bad for him.  Because Ron and I have a very small circle of friends, most people are familiar with our quirks.  It is fun to see her reaction to us because she gets our humor. Often people who meet us think we have a terrible relationship or fight a lot.  There is not fighting in our house. We get our punches in and move on. That simple. While observing us she laughs. Which makes us laugh more.

Finding Out, We are All Pretty Similar

I enjoy it because while I don’t know her that well, I feel that she has a similar personality to her dad. Clearly she understands that we use humor to confront each other. Sometimes, just to say what we want. Big surprise my Instagram page is called dysfunctional_marriage. It can be located at  Trust me this is no script. This is truly the happy glue that keeps us together. No room for thin skinned people in our family.

I look forward to getting to know Madison. I certainly know it brings Ron great joy to spend time with his daughter. It’s unfortunate that we are so far away, but space is just that. Space. Technology makes it easier than ever to stay connected. What a blessing. Gone are the days where you write a letter and wait weeks for a reply.

Christmas in February

Christmas, Holidays, Family
The awesome gifts Madison gave us.

While we were here Madison gave Ron and I each a Christmas present.  Certainly she has her dad figured out. Anything Star Wars will get the job done. For me, it’s a bit trickier. Trickier because we do not know each other that well. However, Madison handed me a necklace with a charm. The charm is the tree of life. While I am not Jewish, I do follow Judaism. It makes more sense to me. Ironically or not, many religions use the tree of life. The tree of life is important. It wasn’t more than a month ago I showed Ron a huge tree of life in a store.  It was a metal cut out, which would be hung on a wall. The coincidence is astounding. I don’t think she could have bought me anything that I would have liked more.

With any luck she will be able to come to my dad’s birthday party today.

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