An American Soldier

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Shayne and Breezy, the day after Shayne’s return

An American Soldier

Caveat: We are in Florida and therefore I don’t have any of my regular photos of Shayne in uniform.

Meet SPC Shayne Madison, my son-in-law. He has served in the U.S. Army since 2014, recently returning from Forward Operating Base Fenty in Afghanistan after a 9 month deployment. Like many young Americans it’s difficult to know what you want to do when you get out of high school. Shayne and Breezy met when they were juniors in high school. A short couple years later and he was asking to marry her. Who was I to say no when true love was staring me in the face?

Despite not going straight into the Army, it wasn’t long and he was off to Ft. Jackson, SC for basic training. Upon graduation he completed AIT at Ft. Gordon, GA. By now the entire family is on pins and needles wondering, where will the kids end up? They wanted to go overseas to Germany, but that wasn’t what any of the parents wanted to hear.

Where will Shayne’s First Duty Station Be?

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Aren’t they just adorable?

Having most the family around Joint Base Lewis McCord, naturally the family was hoping they would be stationed there. Meanwhile Breezy’s step-dad and I were down here at Ft. Hood just hoping they would come bake in the sun with us. Not the popular vote by any means. I suppose I understand. BUT the gods were ever in our favor and the victory call came.  They were headed to Ft. Hood.  Quite possibly we were the only two who were happy about the outcome.

We are so proud of Shayne. Not only has he taken his responsibly as a soldier seriously, he is equally serious about being a family man. Since joining the military Shayne has also started his own company as well as gained three sponsors for his Mitsubishi Evo, Quorra. His sponsors include, Bram Racing, Kings of JDM and Driven by Style.  It takes a strong and dedicated man to be an entrepreneur. To work a 12 hour job and still find time for something he loves.

Calling all Race Fans

If you are a race guy or gal you can find his Facebook and Instagram pages at:



Instagram Personal:

If you have a car you’d like featured on his Instagram, just send him the pictures.

Back at Ft. Hood

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Happy couple hanging out looking as cute as ever.

While deployed Shayne earned a Combat Action Badge (CAB). Of course we are hopeful for Shayne and  Breezy’s sake,  and any future kids, it wasn’t in a traumatic way.  Regardless, family is there for each other. That’s what counts. Sometime you need someone to lean on someone, other times someone leans on you.  I have faith life will turn out as it is meant to.

We are happy to say that Shayne finally made it home late early Tuesday morning. I believe around 0100. Sure it was late, people are tired, but when you see your soldier again nothing matters.  We are looking forward to see where life takes them.

For now, Shayne and Breezy will be with us at Ft. Hood for an undetermined amount of time. But we look forward to seeing Shayne grown into the man he was meant to be. Whether it’s in the Army, or the race world.

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