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Taking off into the big blue sky.

Yesterday morning after receiving a phone call from my sister Brandi, regarding my dad’s health, we decided we needed to go to Florida for a visit. At first glance the idea was anything but doable. I logged on to the travel sites, tickets were extremely expensive.  The majority of them were $525 each person, each way.  Breezy suggested that I call Southwest. Normally the only carrier she uses. So I agreed and hung up.

What will Southwest say?

When I called Southwest a nice lady named Kim answered. I immediately told her we were going on an emergency trip and were military.  She kindly said she would look and see what flights they had available and at what cost. After asking if we could make it to the airport for a 12:35 flight she asked when we wanted to return. I said Sunday, but she didn’t have anything available. Her next option to us was Saturday or Monday. Since the prediction is that my dad will be in the hospital for 5 days, I opted for Monday. After finding us a return flight she said it would be $748. Now, understand after looking at flights online my reply stumped her. I asked her, is that each person or each way. Kim said, “No sweetheart it’s both of you, both ways.” I felt like crying.

Thank God for Pleasant and Patient Employees

Mrs. Kim went ahead and inserted our CAC (military ID cards) numbers into the system, allowing up TSA pre-check. In case you are not familiar, this allows you to not wait in line at security. This meant Ron and I would not remove shoes or laptops.  Basically it would get Ron and I through with the scan bags and metal detector. What a blessing that was.  She also went on to check us into our flight and advise us of the baggage policy.  She must have realized that I wasn’t grasping what she was saying because she continued to repeat herself.  After I got our confirmation number, we hung up and started the packing process.

Love, Family, Air Airport
A Company that Cares

Once we arrived at the airport we checked our bags at the skycap counter. The skycap (Southwest employee) printed out our tickets for us. He also noticed Ron was walking with a cane. He offered to stamp Ron’s ticket with a pre-board stamp.  Rona and I are extremely happy. We weren’t going to wait in line at the TSA check AND we were going to be able to get on the plane first.  Pre-boarding for Ron is a true blessing. He was able to sit in the bulkhead row. Ron would have been cramped into a tiny seat and not be able to stretch his leg out.  He needs to be able to stretch his leg or his hip will stiffen up, making it extremely hard to walk.

Time to Board our Flight

Once on the flight our lead flight attendant gave a comical brief, which lightened the mood.  He was very nice and cheerful. The Flight Attendant gave Ron a comp drink.  It’s a very small gesture but it says a lot about the airline itself.  Once upon a time I worked for Alaska Airlines as a flight attendant. I ALWAYS wanted to be a flight attendant for Southwest.  While I did apply a couple of times, I never got an interview. I suppose it worked out as it should, because I met my husband and moved to Germany. Southwest  the same fun loving company I wanted to work for way back in 2001.

I find it refreshing there is still a company that keeps their prices low and doesn’t make you pay for luggage. Times are tuff and people look to save a buck.  We didn’t necessarily need to save the money, but we are not apt to spend more money than necessary needlessly.  After all, Southwest as a company is enough to get our business again.


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