A Journey of a Thousand Miles

A Journey of a Thousand Miles

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SGT Harding in Katterbach, Germany

As the old saying goes, when it rains it pours.  That seems to be true, at least in our family.  While I was finishing up by blog yesterday Breezy came over. She appeared agitated so I asked her what was wrong.  As it turns out my son-in-law’s journey home was delayed. Again. Due to weather conditions not everyone was able to leave Afghanistan. The look of disappointment was awful. I did try to remind her that things do happen and of course, it’s better to be safe than have the aircraft crash.  While she agreed it did nothing for her caring he was coming home late.

“He’s not coming.”

By the end of the evening she didn’t even know if he would make it home Sunday. This is one of those deals where you wait for a phone call. A call that should be coming no later than 24 hours before their arrival. So the debate within starts. Do I go to work? Will the call actually provide me with 24 hour notice? The questions keep coming. Nearly until you make yourself crazy. Maybe it’s just me, but I plan everything. That trait most certainly wore off onto Breezy.  Planning things out helps occupy my mind. It’s a distraction from what is really happening. I wanted to make s’more popcorn because I’m a busy body. And we were having company the next day. Her and I are both stress cleaners, bakers or avoiders. Look at it as you may. Breezy and I finished the popcorn and she still hadn’t received an updated phone call. Did I mention we did a popcorn photo shoot afterward?

The Next Morning

It was 6.30 in the morning when my phone rang.  When I looked at the caller ID it was my sister,. Brandi and I really do not talk on the phone.  Her calling on the day my parents were supposed to arrive was alarming at best.  My sister called to say my dad was in the hospital and it looked grave.  As I got off the phone, I told Ron who also woke when the phone rang.  I did however need to get up and let it sink in a little before calling Breezy.

While talking to her we decided Ron and I needed to go to Florida to see my dad. She was looking up flights on the computer and I called Southwest. Low and behold we would be heading out of Texas at 12.35. This began the panic of packing, prepping the house and loading the car.  Thank God Breezy is close because she was able to come over and help us. Now we are in Florida, and she is home alone waiting for Shayne’s return.

Finally, Breezy had an Update on Shayne’s Arrival

Amongst the chaos of packing she said she was notified Shayne would be home late in the evening the next day. Of course we were glad she had a new timeline for his return, but we were also torn to leave. We know that coming to Florida is where we truly needed to be, but even so there is a pain of letting someone down. As we packed Shayne called from Kuwait. Breezy didn’t want to say anything to him because she didn’t want him to worry.  However, Shayne could see it on Breezy’s face and asked why she was upset. As she nearly started to cry I told Ron to get on the phone and tell Shayne what was going on. I hope he doesn’t worry about her too much, and remains focused on the task of getting back to Texas.

We did leave her the camera, and I believe she has another person she can ask to take pictures.  Hopefully that works out for her. Those pictures will be something they will treasure for a life time. Additionally, it will remind them of a time when it was just the two of them. A time before their lives became chaotic with kids.

While we wait in Florida for an update on Shayne, Breezy waits in Texas for an update on Grandpa.  My hope, Shayne will not be further delayed and when we arrive at the hospital my dad will have enough energy to talk with Breezy via Facetime. I suppose there isn’t any way of knowing what the day has in store for us. All we really can do is put our best foot forward and hope for the best outcome possible.


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