Bobo’s Chocolate Chip Bar

Chocolate Chip
A yummy, Yummy Treat

A Healthy Snack Bar

Recently I decided that I would start pack a healthy snack bar for breakfast and/or lunch. I figure I get up early enough for my day job that I can let myself off the hook for making and taking the meals to work. Sometimes I really cop out and take them to work for both meals.  Other times its only lunch.  Those days usually include a Slim Fast shake for breakfast, but that is a subject for another day.

On this particular day I brought a Bobo bar for lunch. The Chocolate Chip bar to be exact.  I’m not going to deceive anyone here, they are a little expensive.  However, the label indicated they were vegan. I’m not vegan, but take out the extra fat and you already have a healthier treat. Next on the label were the words, gluten free and non GMO. Too shay, ya got me. Now I HAVE to try it.

Once upon a time I would have been stunned to see someone pay $2.50 for a snack bar. After all, McDonalds barely cost more for a full meal. But unlike McDonalds this treat won’t make a person fat or give them high cholesterol. Quite the contrary, the oats are good for the heart.

“It’s worth every bite”

Now, I loved this treat from the first bite.  It tastes similar to an oat mill cookie with chocolate chips.  The Chocolate Bar  was a bit heavy, but again when I was more than full. So back to the price tag. This was all I ate for lunch and I know what you are thinking, that’s not enough. I eat until I was full, and I WAS full. To that point, it became a very cheap lunch.

As I’ve said many times, I’m nosey.  Perhaps I’m a lover of education. That sounds better. Of course, I had to started reading the label. I love reading. Therefore I am one of those people who reads the wrapper. The company is owned by a mother and daughter duo. Now I’m really intrigued. I think it’s wonderful to see more and more parent/child relationships in the work place. Sure, the majority are startups but those are the best ones.

Needless to say when I go back to the grocery store I will be buying more of these yummy treats.  I’m certain any child would love these as a snack.  While not sugary, they have a nice sweet taste.

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