A Company that Cares~ Follow up to Red Robin

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A Company that Cares

Follow up to Red Robin

I find it refreshing when a company actually follows up on a customer complaint.  I received a call today from Red Robin’s corporate office. A nice lady named Melissa called in response to a complaint I left on the corporate web page.

She did apologize, which I appreciated. But the thing I appreciated the most is that she let me tell her what the issue was without interrupting. I’ve had issues before and the other person just tries to justify things before hearing you out. Why can people not grasp this one fundamental trait of humans? We just want to be heard.

Mrs. Melissa was very understanding. The fact that she understood why I was dissatisfied with the situation was a relief. After all, when someone gets upset it’s rarely about whatever small issue sets us off in the first place. Like most people, we bottle it up until we can’t take it anymore.

The manager at the Killeen Red Robin’s message was loud and clear. You are bothering me and this is not my problem.  She did say they would review the situation and utilize it as a training aide.  It’s worthy of noting that I did say it’s not about the cost of the meal.  The issue was the manager’s attitude toward the situation.

Just call me Nosy Josey

Of course, being the busy body that only I can be after someone gets me worked up, I wanted to know what the situation with the “new” policy is.  Her explanation made sense. When going to Red Robin you do not HAVE to have the e-mail, unless there is an issue with your Red Card. As it turns out there was an issue with my daughter’s card.  Through and data upgrade on the part of Red Robin, her birth year was changed to 1900. Oh how we laughed.

To my point, I did indicate to Melissa if she even mentioned that there was a problem Breezy could have updated her account at the table, to which she agreed. Is it possible people do not get this simple idea? We have the ability to assist customers better than ever before. She didn’t want to. Jokes on her though because the corporate office did make the situation right. They are more than willing to honor the birthday meal….until April!!

As I said before, overall we were not impressed by the Killeen location. But this will not deter us from going back. After all, taking it out on the company for one bad apple would be crazy. Hopefully our next experience will be better.

Conclusion or Observation. You Decide.

I didn’t include this in my complaint to Red Robin or my original blog post. However, I will say this, all three of us are Federal employees. BUT on this occasion we were all wearing short sleeves. At this point I’m just going to say it, we all have sleeve tattoos. Was she discriminating? Perhaps. Maybe she didn’t think we were intelligent enough to follow through. Who knows? Perhaps it’s just the way she made me feel, in that she simply couldn’t bother. Heck, we can’t overlook the fact that she could just be bad at her job.  Well, the moral of the story is, don’t judge a book by its cover. I have a Master’s degree, so in the future, keep the condescending looks to yourself.

Work Dress
Me in my “work” clothes
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