When Live Makes you Say, HMMMM

When Life makes you Say, HMMMM

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Nothing could be more true. Ignorance is truly bliss.

Sometimes in life we question what we believe to be true. Is it really plausible we live in a world where everyone is so critical they automatically think they know more than anyone else on any given subject? On a daily basis I repeatedly hear people talking smack about another person. Often times the person speaking is in fact the one who’s wrong. Do I say anything? H no!! Why, because I’m not going to go insert myself into another person’s conversation. I recall seeing a funny meme about just this. See below. I find myself on a daily basis wondering, what is it about humanity that makes us judge others without any type of actual knowledge or expertise in the subject matter?

Trivial Things That Take Up Energy Needlessly

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I love math, therefor I love nerdy math jokes.

One such example would be a signature block on an email. I constantly hear people complaining about other people’s signature. Saying it doesn’t look right. It doesn’t sound right. Why do they use a middle initial? That’s stupid. No one uses fax. So on and so forth. Now, I will say because I’ve worked around the world while following my hubby like a little puppy, every organization does it differently. Having had that experience, when something looks a little crazy to me, I think, perhaps that is what they want theirs to look like. Why as humans though, do we automatically start calling another stupid or say they don’t know what they are doing. After all, we don’t know what their organizational e-mail signature block requirements are? Is it possible we are really this judgmental?

Another example, I hear people complain about someone who is rude. I often hear something along the lines of, they’re not American, they’re European, or my favorite they’re German. Of course now I’m offended because Germans are not rude, not by American standards. I’m German and therefore so is my family. This one, I can’t let go. I normally get up and tell the person they are offensive and they shouldn’t stereotype. Again with the, you’re not like most. I hate that answer. My opinion, Germans tell the truth. Which, is supposed to be valued in America.

You Reap What You Sew

It’s funny really. The people I hear complain the most are some of the most miserable people I’ve ever met. For what reason do people perceive themselves as having it all together? To decide their way is the only way?  What happened to acceptance? Love and understanding. I guess it’s lost on these folks. Perhaps if they put out good karma, good karma would come back.

Is Acceptance a False Perception?

After all, we do say we are the nation that accepts everyone. Loves everyone. I know there are Americans who do. I’m glad for it. However, we needn’t look farther than a cubicle next to us at work or a booth in a restaurant to know not everyone is on the same page. Most of the time I keep to myself. Probably if I told the people at work I had a blog, they would be shocked and state my quietness as the reason. The truth is, I’m not getting involved in others foolishness. I do get up and talk with others at work, but most of the time I can be found in my quite cubicle dwelling in peace.

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Might be time for a reality check.Som
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