Happy Birthday Breezy

Car show, Coffee, Family
At Cars and Coffee in Killeen, Shayne compliments of Facetime

When I think about my life, I quickly realize that I’ve spent the majority of my life as a mother.  At this point I can hardly remember a time when I didn’t have a daughter.  Today she turns 24. Happy Birthday Breezy! As Facebook so often does, it reminds us of our memories. Doesn’t matter if they were a year ago, or five.  This particular memory was of Breezy’s 23rd birthday dinner. Dinner at Red Robbin, her favorite place. I can recall how embarrassed she was because I asked the waitress to sing to her. While she wasn’t approving, after all she was 23, I did it anyway.

Here is the link for the video: https://www.facebook.com/karilynn.harding/posts/10206195901936871

In this family, if you can’t take the heat, you’re not going to make it long. The waitress came with her desert and four or five other waiter/waitresses. While we laughed and she was embarrassed, it’s fun to look back. Because those memories are the true joy. Often we forget who gave us what and when, but most of the time we remember who was there for us.

Birthday Wishes
Random Birthday fun. I would say I give the best cards (popcorn).

I suppose it’s funny, how methodical our lives are and we don’t even realize it. Just like last year, were all heading to Red Robbin tonight for another birthday dinner.

A Birthday without Your Spouse

Distance can’t separate the love in someone’s heart.

Unfortunately though, my son-in-law hasn’t returned from Afghanistan. But, on an upside he’ll be here soon.  For them, it’s the first birthday in seven years he’s missed. I’m glad we can be here for her if her husband can’t. When I was thinking of what I wanted to write about today, I asked Breezy. Her reply, write about your theory of Valentine’s Day.  While I am going to circle back to that, I’ll leave it for another day.  The relevance here though is the love we have for each other.  Her birthday is a day, but the love between the two cannot be separated by distance.

Technology transcends distance

That is the great thing about technology.  The internet allows us to keep in touch with our family members no matter where they are. I guess that is one of the nicest things. This morning we went took my son-in-law’s car to a car show. While he couldn’t be here in person, Breezy was talking to him via Facetime. Sure, it’s not the same but it did allow him to be a part of what she was doing. For me, those are the most important moments.

Life never seems to turn out as we plan it. But if we are lucky enough to adjust our expectations as we go, we can savor the moments.  Breezy wasn’t able to spend the entire day with her husband, but she was able to talk with him.  To be honest, it’s quite cute to watch.  First she walked around the car show, showing him different cars. Then my husband took the phone and he started telling him about cars. Me, I like to shoot photos, so that is what I was doing. I have to admit though, the entire family shows a love of photography. Usually, we pass around the camera and end up with a nice variation of pictures.

Knowing that he spoilers her every day he’s home, allows her to be happy even when he’s away.  That in essence is the theme of my future Valentine’s Day blog.  True love isn’t about buying a fancy gift one day of the year. It’s about loving each other every day of the year.

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