The State of America

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Sometimes you just have to check out of the mainstream and take a break.

Can American’s maintain the bonds they’ve already formed?

As I sit here pondering the things I’ve seen on the news, Facebook, Twitter and who knows what other sources, I am continually in shock.  Shock because some of the people I thought I really knew have changed the way they talk to me. This change has been since America has got a new President. Am I not the person I was last year? Last week? Yesterday? Could Americans really think that on an individual level we’ve changed? I’m compelled to believe that anyone who is racist now was racist already. Perhaps just not loud and proud.

I’m not trying to have a whiny white girl moment. My point is, more and more minorities are being mistreated. Sure, it happened before. Certainly that is not an excuse. However, it appears, at least to me that the situation is getting worse. Could people truly believe they can now do and say whatever they want? Do they not understand the most basic of truths? The law hasn’t changed. Any hate crime under Obama is still a hate crime under Trump. Literally. From a legal standpoint.

Some minorities I know treat me the same. I’m grateful. I love them just as much as I did when we had a different president. To that note though, I expect the same respect in return. As I said, some have changed their view toward me. While I am proud to say for those who know me in real life, the majority of you are 100% on point. The others, well I can’t give them any time in my piece. I’m afraid though, a beast is emerging. A beast named racism.

The choice is ours to make.

         Can we make a change for the better?

We all have choices. I could be offended and decide I no longer liked minorities. Just as a minority of any kind can chose to no longer find value in me. But that’s just not me. I see people for who they are, not the color of their skin. My hope is you all do the same.  I’m the first one to say, plenty of white people are in jail. We are not a perfect race, so as humans should not expect that from another. My hope is that we can rise above the situation our country is in. That we can come together as a country no matter what our ethnicity is.  If someone you were close to yesterday says something you don’t agree with, then call it an impasse and move on.

The media is a powerful beast. My hope is that the race issue doesn’t get bigger. Can we all make a pact to ban together? Love one another. Accept one another. Is there a chance that we as American’s can transcend the dialog that is being shoved down our throat? When I contemplate the media view of racism in our country, it doesn’t work. Many times I’ve thought about the people I know. We get a long, look out for each other and most of all care about each other. If that was true yesterday, keep it true today. Now is the time to come together. Don’t let them drive us apart.

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