Toddlers-Wading throught the Terrible Twos with the Mini Humans

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Toddlers are defined as, “a period in a child’s early social development (typically around the age of two years) that is associated with defiant or unruly behavior.” It sums it up nicely. I think as parents we often ponder, how do I deal with my toddler? It would certainly be nice if we had a glass ball that would tell the future. The truth is, there is no one way to raise all kids.  To me it’s like saying all kids think one way. Show love one way.

For those of us who do not live under a rock, we know this just isn’t true.  Sure my daughters grown, but as the prospect of grandma-hood (I think I made that up) is approaching, I often wonder how I’ll handle things.  Certainly I understand the way I raised her may not work on her child. For the most part I think I’ll wing it and navigate the water like the rest of us. When she was young all I did was kneel down and explain to her how she could be hurt or hurt someone else.

The prospect of having a toddler around again reminds me of the book, The Five Love Languages. If you’re not familiar it details five different ways people feel and give love.  My assumption would be that toddlers are the same. One may be sensitive, another more aggressive. Through all the expert advice, and there is a lot, I think the best we can do is know our child. I’m an advocate for education and believe in never stop learning. I recall reading articles on discipline when Breezy was small even though she didn’t have any behavioral issues.

Reading about dealing with these issues did though, make me a better mom. Why? Because it gave me a better understanding of what other mothers are going through.  I felt, I couldn’t be a supportive friend if one, I didn’t understand. And two, know how I could help. As I said, I wing a lot of things in life. But it works for me because I read A LOT.  My little mini brain isn’t all that smart in and of itself. It has taken years of upload. My point is only, no mom is perfect. The best we can do for our little ones is be loving and supportive. With any lucky everyone will make it out unscarred.

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