Turkey Meatloaf

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Turkey Meatloaf with Mashed Potato and Beans

The title alone may sound a little pre-carious. When Breezy and I decided it would be a good idea to try meat loaf with turkey meat, we thought, why not? Many of our endeavors start this way. Headfirst into the deep end of the pool.  Neither remembers if they ever knew how to swim in the first place. We were feeling like we were really onto something. The sensation was along the lines of inventing the next food craze.  Truth be told, this has probably been done many times before. A conclusion we came to once we tasted it and it was AMAZING!!

Dinner, yummy, Turkey
Use you imagine and taste buds to guide you.

Initially we thought, what do we put in it? Will it taste weird? After all, ketchup and turkey is likely not high on anyone’s radar. No longer were the words out of my mouth and Breezy said, it has to be the same ingredients as regular meat loaf. I figured she was right. After all it is meat loaf.  Just to be sure when I say regular meat loaf, it does need to be said that I “wing” nearly everything I cook. To give you an idea, she’s provided a picture of ingredients. Careful with the honey. It’s a sugar and you can easily make it too sweet. It does add a great taste.

Garlic, Onion Tomato
Cut up as many, or as few onions and garlic as you like.

Throw it all in a bowl and start squishing it together.  This is a great job for a young child with very clean (I’m a germa-phobe) hands.  Of course you can’t taste it being raw meat, but when I season mine I use more than I think is necessary. Not sure why, I guess I’m a liberal with the seasoning. We cooked the loaf on 375 for an hour. Ensure you put tin foil on the top. This will ensure it doesn’t burn.  I do like to pull off the foil for the last 10 minutes and let the top get a little crispy. Yummy!! For safety, try to split it in the middle to ensure it is cooked all the way through.  If you use glass it will cook faster, so be careful.  When it comes to my family, mashed potatoes and meat loaf are synonymous.


Mashed Potatoes
Peeled and Chunked Potatoes

There is no big mystery to making mashed potatoes. I’m a texture eater, so I like them lumpy. I don’t get any complaints, but my grandmother would be appalled. I just cook them slightly shorter, then they will not mix smooth when I use the mixer. Usually when the fork goes into the potato easily, I take them off the stove.

Ready to hit the oven at 375.


I have to admit, this is the first time we made Turkey meatloaf.  None of us where sure what we were getting ourselves into. I really wasn’t even sure my husband would eat it. He made a gross face when my daughter told him what we were doing.  Despite his love of beef, Ron loved it.  To my surprise, the taste is exactly like regular meat loaf. Only better, this did not have gristle.  I’m not a fan of hamburger, although I do eat it on occasion. My suggestion, don’t tell them what it is. They will likely never know the difference.

Hot, ready to eat, turkey
The finished product.

Note: If you want an easy meal you can always make it in advance and stick it in the fridge. Just be sure that if you store it in the cooking dish, and its glass, put it in the oven during pre-heat. Otherwise, your dish will bust from being cold. Start the timer once oven pre-cook beeps.

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