Grilled Bacon and Cheese Sandwiches

Yummy! Foodie for real.
Cajun Turkey, Bacon, Avocado and Swiss sandwich.

If you are a foodie, much like my family, we like the same things but in many different ways.  I got the idea for our version of the grilled bacon, avocado and cheese sandwhich on Pinterest. The original sandwich is called a Turkey Bacon and Avocado Grilled Cheese.  You can find the original recipe here . I thought it sounded fantastic, but being my family we would need bacon.  I don’t care too much for bacon, but I knew if I was going to sell it, it was going to have to be the real deal.

Grilled, greesy, yummy
Bacon, Bacon and more Bacon

So…like many great meals, it all starts with the bacon.  While this seemingly easy food to cook, I’ve found there is no one way.  Like each varying personality in a family, there is a “correct” way to cook it.  One likes it cooked, but certainly not crispy.  The other, if it’s not crispy it’s not cooked.  What’s a girl to do?  Exactly what you think, I cooked the bacon half and half.  After all, who am I to assault the taste buds of those I love? 

Turkey, Bacon, Swiss
Three very different sandwiches ready to hit the grill.

As it turns out, the three of us all have totally different ideas of what constitutes a great sandwich. My husband added a lot of Cajun Turkey to his, but ultimately banned the tomato.  Breezy wasn’t having anything to do with the turkey. However, accepted the remainder of the sandwich with  one substitute, Swiss Cheese.  I on the other hand kept the original sandwich, but added very little turkey. More as a flavor additive, which worked great.  It provided just enough spice to give the bacon a little kick.


Grill, sandwich
On the grill melting cheese, getting crispy and making out mouths water.

In the end we all agreed tater tots were a must have for this fun dinner.  We all loved the sandwich and will definitely be making it again.


Breezy, iPhone, Food
Classic Breezy. Her with the phone for a quick photo, me with the camera.

Since we are food junkies, Olympic Medalist to be exact, we love to experiment with flavors and creating healthy choices. I think one of the most fun things to do while cooking or baking is to give it your own spin.  If you are new to either, start with something small.  Think about the flavors you like, and go from there.  Some of the best ideas I’ve had came from my husband and daughter.  After all, we all know what are guilty pleasures are.  One of my favorite things to do when Breezy was small was disguise food so it didn’t look like veggies. She either humored me, or didn’t care. Either way, it worked out.

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