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Mother daughter
Breezy and I having a mini photo shoot.

Our blog, Tattoos in Suburbia,  is about family, friendship and love.  We have a passion for tattoos, baking, reading, gardening and fast cars.  We believe in good parenting, education and encouraging others.  Our blog will be a combination of all the above topics.  This blog is a labor of love as we experience life, try new recipes and develop new friendships.  While it’s easy for us as Americans to say we accept everyone, it just isn’t true.  I am highly tattooed and familiar with snarky comments based on that alone. If you have experience the same thing, or a similar reaction for something completely different, this is the place for you.  Walk with us as we ponder life, motherhood, being a wife and something we are both proud of, being military spouses.

Giving into the Urge of Being a Writer

Starting the Journey of a Lifetime

Despite at times wondering why I would start a blog in the first place, I guess I just feel compelled to do so. I can quite put my finger on.  All I can really say is, I’m a self proclaimed nerd. Side note: I think we can change the definition of nerd. After all, to me a nerd is someone who is book smart, considerate and has good manners. Let us not forget these people grow up and run the world. When someone calls me a nerd, I happily accept the compliment. I know what your thinking. Yes people are confused. What I reply is this, All I heard was smart, well mannered and not a drain on society. That isn’t an insult. By now they have nothing left to say. After all, a bully only keeps going if the victims accepts the role. Plus, I’m 41. If someone thinks they are taking the superior road over me at this point my life, it’s not going to happen. At the end of the day, I truly love to write. I’m certainly not going to stop because someone thinks its not cool.

Looking Forward to Hearing from you!

If you have any requests for information or something you would like to see us blog about let us know. We are proud military spouses. If you have a loved one who served your country honorably, let us know.

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