Have children today stop being kids?

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Breezy was forever modeling and directing plays.

Children Immersed in Technology

Parenting children can be a difficult situation for most parents.  When my daughter was small each day was a mix between laughter and tears.  How could something so cute cause so much kaos?  Most days I found my self somewhere between, how would I ever live without her and why did I have kids? With all the technology available today, do kids still have an adventurous childhood?  I often wonder if kids still play outside. Are they inside with video games, computers and phones?

Playing outside was one of the very best memories I have as a child.  Sometimes I wonder if children experience the same level of fun and joy that we experienced in the 70’s. That was a time when we flew over the handle bars, then couldn’t wait to do it again. I get helmets. Really I do. We had a motorcycle and wore a helmet. We enjoyed a  certain amount of joy when jumping off our bike and letting it ghost ride down the street.  Can kids experience the same level of fun indoors playing on various types of technology.  After all, the majority of life’s lessons are learned in the moment.

The Beauty of Reflection

As my mind continues to wander into the depthless bounds of its memories, I realize the trip home is almost over. My street approaches in the distance. My mind continues wondering as I drive down the street. I wonder, are todays kids missing out? I round the corner to my house, and there at the end of the street children are playing outside on bikes.  They don’t even realize these will be some of the best days of their lives. But inside I smile, because like most things we don’t understand how great life is until we can reflect on our experience.

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